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Schedule of Events (2018)

Please see below for event descriptions.

5:00 - 5:30

5:30 - 6:00

6:00 - 6:30

6:30 - 7:00

7:00 - 8:00

8:00 - 8:30

8:30 - 9:00

9:00 - 9:30

9:30 - 10:00
Opening Ritual

Streetwise Thaumaturgy: Energy Work and Play

Building an Intentional Community

Qamar Tribal Odyssey Belly Dance

Main Ritual

Making a Tailoring Form, by Zack
(Black Whole Yard Sale)

Sigils, Songs, & Styles: Some Principles and Techniques for Magick

Pagan Song Singalong

Closing Ritual
Ritual Area

Workshop Tent

Workshop Tent

Workshop Tent

Ritual Area

Workshop Tent

Workshop Tent

Workshop Tent

Ritual Area

Roving Performances: Cath & Embreis


  • Opening Ritual: Participants in the opening ritual will walk in procession around the APPD festival area beginning at the northernmost point (the corner of College and Clayton near Subway), proceeding to the East, the South, the West, and back to the North, and then to the center. There will a brief invocation at each cardinal compass point and the center, during which deities and other powers will be invoked to bless and protect the festival area. This is a version of the common (though not universal) Pagan practice of casting a circle to create a space for a ritual, adapted for a large outdoor festival.
  • Main Ritual
  • Closing Ritual: At the end of the festival, participants in the closing ritual will again process from the north station, this time in reverse, going from North to West to South to East, back to North and then to the Center, to release the circle created in the opening ritual.

Registered Vendors

  • Athens Area Pagans - Event Co-Sponsors.  A relaxed, informal gathering of Pagans of all Paths in the Athens (Georgia, USA) area. We have supported community gatherings since 2005 and are sponsors of the Athens Pagan Pride Day.  Our goal is to help local Pagans obtain the resources they need, whatever their Path.
  • UGA Pagan Student Association - Event Co-Sponsors. The Pagan Student Association’s primary focus is community, advocacy, and education. Offering a non-threatening environment within our meetings where beliefs can be discussed openly, we strive to build a strong community on campus and throughout the world where pagans and non-pagans can learn, network, and have fun.
  • AAP Free Store and Games - Games, activities, and swag for children of all ages! (5B/5C)
  • Oracle 20/20 - Oracle 20/20 Magazine is a metaphysical publication that's ahead of its time. In this magazine you will find diverse articles featuring palmistry, hypnotherapy, and astrology, along with fascinating articles about health, environmental issues, spirituality, self actualization, and human potential. It's reading for those who like to think outside the box! (5A)
  • Spirit Springs Curio - Here at Spirit Springs Curio, previously Elemental Curiosities, we have Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Handmade Wire Wrapped Pendants, Ornaments, and more! (7A/7B)
  • Carmanda Arts Things - Artwork inspired by folklore, shamanism, and the perennial adoration of food and fluffy fauna. (9A)
  • The Green Griffin - We make all sorts of fun and unique things from recycled wool sweaters, including potholders with Pagan symbols on them, Goddess dolls, rainbow garland, Gnome dolls, headbands, and iron on patches. We're also on Instagram. Come see what we've got! (11A)
  • The Wesson Project - TWP provides burial blankets to persons losing their beloved animals. These blankets are available at veterinary offices locally and across the US at no cost to the veterinarians nor the clientele. We raise monies for these blankets by selling donated art and other animal themed items to the general public. Donations are also accepted. (14B)
  • The Broomsquire of Dewy Rose - Handmade besoms, brooms, staffs, and walking sticks. (3B)
  • The Goblin Queen - Crystals, tees, witchy wares, and more. For free spirits, open hearts, and unicorn queens! (12A/12B)
  • Atlanta Shaman - Offering intuitive feather readings. (Like Tarot readings, but with natural objects!) We will also have Spirit Arrows and Spirit Bowls available for purchase, shamanic pieces for working with energy and intention. (6C)
  • Bee & Blossom Jewelry / RUNEDOG ART - Featuring handmade jewelry with gemstones and sterling silver, Runic artwork, tee shirts, and books. Also check out Bee & Blossom's Instagram page. (8A)
  • Gryphon's Moon - Offering an extensive collection of Celtic and Pagan jewelry, tee shirts, leather-bound journals, magical supplies, and more. (1A/1B)
  • Oak Grove CUUPS Chapter of UUCG - Come out and meet the Oak Grove Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS), hailing from the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett! We are a public group for all kinds of Pagans. Our purpose is to explore, celebrate, and participate in Earth-centered spiritual practices within the framework of Unitarian Universalism. (11B)
  • Mixed Mythologies - Jewelry and handcrafts inspired by myth, folklore, and the ancient world. (6B)
  • Sophia Arcanum - Homemade, hand poured figure candles, charmed ribbon roses, protective Ojos de Dios, and wall hangings. (6A)
  • Mad Alice Hatter Closet - Offering hand painted banners, gel candles, jewelry, and soaps. (4A/4B)
  • Smoky Mountain Mine Designs / Karen's Rocks & Oils - Offering gemstones, mineral specimens, handmade jewelry, spheres, pendulums, and a large selection of oils and oil burners. (10A/10B)
  • The Happy Empath - Featuring wire and gemstone tiaras, headdresses, and jewelry, along with home and altar decor, dream catchers, sculptures, wands, and staffs. (9B)
  • Kat Moore Art - Handmade artwork, featuring spooky and psychedelic themes. Also featuring paintings on wood, stickers, buttons, and badges. Follow Kat on Instagram! (13A)
  • Willow Dragonstone Community - Featuring many different craft and specialty items, made by the members of the Pagan group Willow Dragonstone Community. (2A/2B)
  • Circle of the Risen Phoenix - We are an Eclectic Wiccan coven located in Northwest Georgia. Offering Tarot readings, hand-knitted hats and scarves, and other small curios. (3A)
  • Grounded Creations / Wormwood and Honey - Featuring beautiful and practical pottery of all sorts, including mugs, bowls, planters, and more! (14A)
  • The Black Whole Yard Sale - A veritable miscellany of accessories and outfits, including science fiction, fantasy, historical, and much, much more! (13B)


  • Streetwise Thaumaturgy: Energy Work and Play (5:30-6:00) - Magic doesn't have to be complicated or scary! Come learn how to apply a little imagination, a little emotion, and your magical Will, to create spaces resonant with emotion, to empower psychic shields and other defenses against negative energy, and to create your own personal glamers and illusions, for fun and profit!
  • Building an Intentional Community (6:00-6:30) - Athens Area Pagans (AAP) would very much like to build an intentional community (IC) designed to serve the religious needs of the local Pagan community, and, in times of need, to serve all members of the local community, Pagan or not. Doing this is not easy. In this presentation, Lachele will present the goals of, and current plans for, AllWays, the IC planned by AAP. Lachele will also outline a number of the challenges faced by this particular IC project and by IC projects in general.

  • Making a Tailoring Form, by Zack, from The Black Whole Yard Sale (8:00-8:30) - Halloween is coming! Need a little help putting together that perfect costume? Maybe you want to hem that cloak for your Samhain Circle? Maybe you want to stitch some lettering on that fall jacket? We have you covered! Come learn how to make a tailor's form, to tailor quality, well-fitted outfits, costumes, and clothes for yourself, with a little help from your friends!
  • Sigils, Songs & Styles: Some Principles and Techniques for Magick (8:30-9:00) - A Discussion of Sigil Magick and related methods for Manifesting the Will and Becoming Devoutly Weird. Magick always works, but not necessarily the way you think it should. The presenter will share some of what he's learned in 30 years of seeking, including methods for creating Magickal Sigils as words, emblems, musical phrases and rhythms, and movements.

Scheduled Performers

  • Tribal Odyssey Belly Dance (6:30-7:00) - Qamar is a performance group for students and performers from a diverse background founded and directed by Rajni. Qamar has classes and performance opportunities for all levels of dancers. Our foundation is in Tribal Odyssey Belly Dance, a Group Improvisational style based on Beledi movements. We frequently include live drumming and are seeking local musicians to join us, as well. Qamar presents Tribal Odyssey Belly Dance (TOBD) and Middle Eastern Dance in the Athens, GA area and beyond.  Experience Body-Positive classes for people of all ages and experience.
  • Pagan Song Singalong, by Cath & Embreis (9:00-9:30) - Come learn some Pagan songs! Cath & Embreis will introduce you to a sample of Pagan songs and songs with Pagan themes. Lyric sheets will be provided. Each song will be prefaced with an introduction to its source and meaning. Songs presented will originate from traditional and pop-culture sources as well as from the modern Pagan community.
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