Psychic Faires

Most of the funding for Athens Pagan Pride Day comes from Psychic Faire fundraisers.  We have several over the course of a year.  

Why Psychic Faires?
In short, the main reason is because they have been more successful than other fundraising efforts.  But, there is another good reason.  Various psychic arts, including divination, energy healing, etc., are practiced within many Pagan religious Paths.  The Psychic Faire gives us a way to expose the public to these practices in a fun way that also raises money for APPD.  

Why spell it with an 'e'?

That's just a bit of humor, as in: "we don't want to give anyone the impression that there's anything fair about being psychic."

How do Psychic Faires work?

This section explains the Faire from the point of view of the general public.  For a more detailed, inside view, see Information for Participants, below.

At the fair, you will find one or more Service Providers.  These are the folks who provide some form of psychic service.  Services almost always include tarot readings, but you might also find reiki, massage, rune readers and such.  This being a fundraiser, the services are not free.  To access services, you purchase tickets. Each ticket costs $5.  Most services also cost $5, but the individual service provider is free to set prices in increments of $5.  You might also negotiate for extended services in increments of $5.  When you have decided on a service and a provider, you give the service provider your ticket, and the provider performs the service.  

You might also find vendors and entertainers.  You deal with them directly.  That is, you may purchase their wares or tip performers as you desire.  The vendors or entertainers might decide to donate to APPD later, but that is not required. 

Can I tip my Service Provider?

Yes, you can.  Some will donate their tips to APPD.  Others will not.  We don't care either way.  Well... of course, we are happy to accept donations, but we don't begrudge anyone who keeps a tip.  Service Providers rarely receive tips, and generally do not expect them.

How can I find out when Psychic Faires occur?

We have the faires at least 3 or 4 times a year.  We post information about them in various locations.  We always post information in this site's announcements.  We also post to our facebook page and to twitter.  

How much of the money goes to APPD?

  • In general:
    • Almost 100% of money collected for APPD goes to APPD.  Athens Area Pagans (AAP), the group that handles the main production of APPD, reserves 10% of all incoming funds - whatever the source or destination - into savings, for emergencies.  So, only 90% will absolutely, certainly, go to this year's APPD, but nearly all the funds ultimately go to APPD.  It is possible a small amount of the savings might be needed for some operating expense of AAP, but, since APPD causes most of the expenses so far, that seems fair.  That said, AAP typically receives, in direct, specific donations, sufficient funds to cover its very low yearly operating expenses.  So, in general, 100% of funds received for APPD go to APPD.
    • This does not apply to direct donations to other organizations, e.g., Project Safe.  It only applies to activities of AAP (currently AAP and APPD).  100% of donations, for example, to Project Safe, are passed directly on to Project Safe.  We record these amounts, but we just pass the money along.
  • Direct Donations (e.g., in a jar):
    • 100% of any funds directly donated go to whatever entity was specified for the donation (but see above about AAP and APPD expenses).   That is, if you put $5 in the AAP jar, $5 goes to AAP.
  • Money given to Service Providers (readers, reiki, etc.):
    • Service Providers aren't required to donate any money at all to us.  It's entirely up to them.  However, because of our ticketing system (described above and below), we can keep track of how much usually gets donated.  Typically, 90 to 100% of money given to service providers is donated to APPD.
    • As mentioned above, any tips you give a Service Provider are entirely up to the Service Provider, and we have no way of tracking that.  We don't discourage tipping at all, if you want to do that.  That said, Service Providers generally do not expect tips.
  • Other transactions (Vendors, Entertainers, etc.):
    • We make no requirement about donations from Vendors or Entertainers, and we do not in any way track any transactions you might have with them.
    • However, should they choose to donate, 100% of their donation goes to the entity specified when they made the donation (see also "in general", above). 
Information for Participants

This section gives information for folks who are helping to produce the Psychic Faire.

Information for Service Providers

See the information about ticketing in "How do Psychic Faires work?", above.  

For every ticket you hand back to us at the end of the day, you get $5.  We do not ask how many tickets you originally had.  We do it this way for tracking purposes.  For one, it allows us to give a better answer to "how much of the money goes to APPD?"  But, it also lets us track how many people show up and give money.

Information for Entertainers

We don't charge to entertain at a Psychic Faire, and we can't offer you any money.  But, we're very happy to have you, if you want to join!  You may keep or donate any portion of any tips you receive.  We don't in any way keep track of what you receive.

Information for Vendors

We don't charge to vend at a Psychic Faire, and we can't offer you any money.  But, we're very happy to have you, if you want to join!  We will be pleased if you donate something to the cause, but that is not required.  It is useful simply to have interesting things for people to come see.  We will not in any way keep track of any transactions you make.

Information for Volunteers

Thank you!  We can always use volunteers!  Please email if you would like to volunteer!