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Schedule of Events (2012)

Schedule Summary

Please see below for event descriptions.

10:00-10:15 AM
Opening Ritual
Festival Grounds
10:20-10:35 AM
Opening and Welcome
Workshop Area
10:40-11:20 AM
Body positive dance for everyone!
Workshop Area
11:25-12:05 PM
Magickal Spellcrafting
Workshop Area
12:10-12:55 PM
Anni Paisley
Workshop Area
1:00-1:45 PM
Main Ritual
Ritual Area
1:50-2:30 PM
Introduction to Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms
Workshop Area
2:35-3:15 PM
Handbook for Hot Witches
Workshop Area
3:20-4:05 PM
Qamar Rhythm and Dance
Workshop Area
4:10-4:50 PM
Wand-Making for Fun & Prophet (*see note)
Workshop Area
4:55-5:40 PM
Death By Doll
Workshop Area
5:45-6:00 PM
Closing Ritual
Festival Grounds

Roving performers:  Amy Ramsay, Anni Paisley, Cath & Embreis, Fiona Min, Repent at Leisure 

Workshop Presenters

  • Body positive dance for everyone!  (Rajni)  Rajni will present an introduction to basic Egyptian style dance steps and the Tribal Odyssey style of "follow the leader" group improvisation. Group improvisation allows people to dance in the moment and connect to the music and to other dancers. It is a powerful way to honor your body, raise positive energy, and enjoy dancing with others.
  • Handbook for Hot Witches. (Dame Darcy) An introduction to Darcy's book along with different arts and activities taken from the book.
  • Introduction to Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms.  (Rajni)  Presentation will cover 3-4 basic rhythms with time to practice. Drumming in circles creates a bond between drummers (and drummers and dancers), raises energy, and is just FUN! Learn basic rhythms and technique before your next drum circle or gathering. All levels welcome. Instruction will focus of the dumbek, but djembes and other drums are welcome. There will be a few drums to loan. Finger cymbals (zils) are also welcome (there *may* be a few of these to loan as well!). Be prepared to sit on the ground, or have a stool to sit on.
  • Magickal Spellcrafting.  (Melanie Marquis)  Join Melanie Marquis, author of The Witch's Bag of Tricks and founder of United Witches global coven, for a fun and informative workshop to improve your witching abilities. Appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners, this workshop explores the subtleties of spellcrafting and casting in a way that will take your magick to new heights of power and creativity.
  • Wand-Making for Fun & Prophet.  (Oghama Jorsa)  A hands on workshop demonstrating simple techniques for making your own willow wood wands. Materials provided, but registration by Sept. 1st required to ensure that appropriate amounts are available. There are some sharp edges involved, so younger folks will have to have parental approval and/or participation.  To register, email with the number of participants.

Scheduled Performers

  • Amy Ramsay  One of this year's roving musicians, Amy accompanies herself with acoustic guitar as she sings a variety of traditional and contemporary songs coming from folk music, pop music, and the blues. Some of the songs are silly and fun, and others are reflective and soulful.
  • Anni Paisley  Guitar and voice performing original works with psychedelic and Pagan inspiration.
  • Cath & Embreis  (roving)  Acoustic guitar and voice duo plays folk, classical and whatever else occurs to them.
  • Death By Doll  Duo plays electric/folk on banjo, bass and drums and probably some other instruments
  • Fiona Min  A vocal blend of songs and chants through the ages, from ancient to modern Pagan and folk music.
  • Qamar Rhythm and Dance   Qamar dancers perform Tribal Odyssey Improvisational Belly Dance as well as Folkloric and Egyptian choreography to live and recorded music. Qamar musicians include Middle Eastern drummers and finger cymbal (zil) players.
  • Repent at Leisure  Traditional Irish tunes and songs.