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Athens Pagan Pride Day 2020 will be presented by streaming video on Saturday, Oct. 24. Watch this space for details.

Athens Pagan Pride Day 2020 will be held on Satuday, Oct. 24, by streaming video, using and YouTube. More information will be supplied here later. Athens Pagan Pride Day, affiliated with the Pagan Pride Project, was first held in 2008, but Athens Area Pagans Inc. took over responsibility for organizing the festival in 2009. It has been held every year since then in September or October, at various locations. since 2017, APPD has been held on College Square in Downtown Athens.

What is Pagan Pride Day?

All over the world, local coordinators host public Pagan Pride celebrations. This day of celebration provides a place for Pagans to network with each other and celebrate the Autumn Equinox. It also helps spread the truth about Paganism to our communities, refute common misconceptions, and draw political attention to Paganism in order to try to prevent legislative discrimination against Pagans. Last, but not least, it allows Pagans to share our abundant harvest with others in need as we collect food to donate to a local charity.Athens Pagan Pride Day is produced by Athens Area Pagans, Inc., in cooperation with the UGA Pagan Student Association, as an affiliate event of the Pagan Pride Project.