Hacked Phone

If you think your phone is hacked, or has a tracker and you can not afford to get a new one AND you don't plan to press criminal charges (if you want to / need to do NOT wipe the phone, get it to cops or forensics people ASAP).

Honest best thing - buy a new phone. if you can't then try the following.

Most partner hacking I have heard of is app based, using that assumption:

  • backup images and contacts
  • make sure you are on your OWN phone plan
  • reformat SD storage if it has a card
  • factory restore the device
  • turn off the device as often as possible to avoid apps geo-tagging you and giving away your location
    • some things can track a turned off phone
    • Did you know every image you take and post, and many social media sites, give away GPS coordinates you can't see but others can use when you post?
  • you can try a cell phone blocking wallet/purse but the quality and efficacy varies
  • only re-install apps you use and know what they are
  • please don't root your phone