What is SESTA? It is the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act

What is FOSTA? It is the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act

Although these sound great (Stopping sex trafficking is great!) like many laws they don't actually have the intended consequences. Basically it was the normal politician "but the children!" cry.

Actual outcomes - Sex Work is being conflated with Sex Trafficking and many sites are being bullied into going offline, internet providers no longer are protected by section 203 safe harbor, and they are enabling or pushing overly-prudish regulations.


  • Craigslist personals, gone
  • Backpage, taken down
  • Tumblr porn ban
  • Reddit, some sub reddits impacted
  • Shuts Down as Operator Seeks Legal Analysis
  • Google T&C have also been impacted
  • More sex workers are being arrested
  • More sex workers are dying - they are loosing their methods to screen people and work online safely - they now must take more risks and possibly go back to working the streets.

Who pushed these laws? Who benefits?

Groups polaris project are pushing these agendas, as well as benefiting from it. They are selling/promoting their training and services to help "spot sex traffickers."

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