Resume, Interview and Job Search Tips


  1. Questions to ask to assess culture

  2. Tuneup Tips for Your CV & Profile

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  6. Twitter sized job search ads

    1. TEMPLATE I am looking for (job title or skills) (level/years) in (area) (or remote or relocation) and you can find my CV here (linked in, url/or DM me)

    2. EXAMPLE "I am a looking for Product Manager jobs in a software company, preferably security related, and have been in PM since 2012. I am located in Edmonton AB Canada, and am open to Remote. You can DM me or linked in (link)"

Resources for information security resume review:


  • You want a good LinkedIn profile image. That means no other people in the image, no sunglasses, not partying, , ideally focused on your face. People with profile images get 21x more views and 36x more contact requests.

  • Remember to enter your industry, you may want to put the industry you are moving *into* if you are trying to change. This will get you 9x more views, and recruiters often search by this.

  • Be sure to fill in a clear, and concise summary, >40 words, what do you WANT to be doing, why are you awesome, your aspirations.

  • If you enter in descriptions of your work at prior jobs you get 5x more views. Don't copy and paste your CV or resume - explain what industry the company was, what size, and what role you had in the company (then if you want CV / resume bullets). Allow someone to get an idea of what you did, for whom, and who your customers and product were. As with a resume any specifics (numbers etc) are great.

  • LinkedIn also allows you to upload examples of your work (photo, presentations, videos).