Yolo Phone

YOLO Devices ("Burner Devices")

  • Many people say bring a burner device, thats silly and overkill and it's way harder to get a true burner device than you think. I recommend a YOLO device. (h/t @ElleArmageddon and @Hacks4Pancakes).
    • A yolo device is not your "daily driver" as you have removed extra stuff (photos etc). you can reset it both before and after conference and not worry if it does get popped.
    • This is highly recommended for crossing borders at countries as well as hacker conferences.
  • If you plan to do a contest, workshop, or event PREPARE in advance, download apps, VMs, tools, etc.
  • I bring a conference YOLO phone (cheap phone on a pay per month SIM with a "conference" email, and twitter (2fa on), and apps for stuff, I also bring a fresh YOLO laptop, both get wiped before after the event
    • You can also get a disposable number by an app (like google voice) instead of a pre-paid SIM. Give this number to vendors and creepers then drop it post event!
  • If you keep off wifi, bluetooth and NFC and don't use it on an untrusted network you will most likely be fine, you are likely gooing to be just fine.
    • But you may find you want to participate in a contest, etc. So better safe than sorry. You may download all sorts of random crap to participate in an event or contest so why not have a YOLO.
    • Don't download apps or updates on the wifi, one year there was a faux facebook update going around.
  • I suggest using a VPN always and everywhere, not just conferences.
  • Have you 2fa/mfa'd all your accounts? maybe with a yubikey b/c you know SIMjacking..
  • install signal/telegram/wire/Keybase