First Conference

Congratulations, you are going to your first conference!

That is exciting.

I have worked with friends to compile the following advice for your consideration.

Please note the below is from the point of view of a female and as such may seem "overkill" to those who aren't regularly concerned.  Conferences I do not believe are any more unsafe than normal day to day life, but they put a lot of normally unsafe activities (meeting new people, being away from home, drinking, parties) in a very small period of time.

New to infosec, need help finding a local conference?

General Conference

Gaming Conference

Hacker Conference

DEF CON specific

DEF CON while under 21

DEF CON while under 18

Burner Phone? No YOLO

YOLO Devices ("Burner Devices") < read more by clicking the link

You may want to do a safety assessment - and consider the following whenever traveling:

General Packing:

2019 hacker summer camp packing