TODOS Presentation

TODOS Presentation

Session: 604

Title: Imagine: VOWEL: Vocabulary Overhaul: Increasing Understanding of Words in the English Language.

Audience: 9-12, College

Date: Saturday, June 23, 2018

Time: 9:45–10:25 AM MST

Location: Las Palmas B

Description: VOWEL was created to offer fast and easy scaffolds and tools to help bridge learning gaps for all students struggling with vocabulary-related issues in mathematics classes. It was discovered that there was an increase in the average final exam grade that was significant at the .10 level. Participants will receive all materials which were given to students during the duration of the VOWEL Project and will have an opportunity to try the materials and discuss the materials with other participants.



VOWEL Final Poster Results

Learning Styles Assessment

Dale's Cone of Learning


All Vocabulary Activities

Statistics Glossary (For Triola 12th Edition)

The Teacher's Corner (Free Match-Up and Crossword Creator)