Freaking Functions!

I created this game during July 2011 when I was teaching Intermediate Algebra and students were having trouble differentiating between problems that asked them to evaluate a function at a given value and problems that asked them to find a value that resulted in a function having a given value.

Student Praise for "Freaking Functions!"

"I like the fact that you can work as a team but yet it is still a competition to win the game. Also that each roll of the dice could change the outcome of the equation based on odd or even numbers."

"What I liked about the game is how it teaches you to work with the functions, not only to plug in the value, but also make it equal to. I also like how it’s a fun way to learn math."

"I liked working as a team to solve to win."

"I would describe this game as a good way to sharpen your math skills. I would tell them that once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to play."

"I would describe it by telling them that it is a fun and educational way to learn functions. If they have a hard time with this section then you would need this game. It’s very creative way to learn math."