Antiderivative Block

I learned about this game from Maria Andersen ( I had my Calculus students play this game for the first time during the Fall 2012 semester and they really enjoyed it. In the evaluations at the end of the semester, many students commented that they wish we could have played more games throughout the semester.

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Student Praise for "Maria Andersen's Antiderivative Block'

"I liked that it covered derivatives/antiderivatives and helped show the relationship between them. Also the game was easy to play while still being helpful."

" I liked that it tested me on my knowledge. We got to play a game in class unlike others. It was also competitive."

" I liked that we could see the answer right away. I also liked how we made math competitive and the prizes."

"It helped me memorize the derivatives/antiderivatives of certain functions. It also helped me learn the patterns of rules of antiderivatives."

" I liked that we were able to practice our derivatives/antiderivatives. If we got the wrong answer we could see right away what we did wrong. Also if we can’t figure it out we could work with our partner."