Slope or Broke

I created this game after my students requested a game that was at a more difficult level than 'Slopes and Ladders' and 'Slope Block'. This game debuted during my MichMATYC Presentation on Saturday, October 8, 2011.

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Student Praise for "Slope or Broke"

"The game helped us learn from each other."

" It provided practice problems. It helped provide us with questions to further understand the topic."

"The thing I liked about the game is it gave us equations to work out independently. Also, we got to work with a group to figure out how to do them if we didn't understand."

"The game helped me to recognize my weaknesses and strengths. The group worked together to solve the problems."

" I liked that the game was interactive and we had to answer questions based on the lesson that we just learned. The reinforcement was beneficial and the game was fun."