What the Factor!

I created this game in July 2011 when I was teaching Intermediate Algebra and students were having a difficult time factoring expressions that were either in quadratic form, or expressions that needed to be simplified before factoring. There are a variety of problems included in the game, most of them beyond the basic factoring level.

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Student Praise for "What the Factor!"

"I like the fact that I understand factoring even more now. Also that our group effort helped me to understand other concepts of factoring."

"I liked how our playing boards had the answers on them. It helped me get a better understanding of how to factor. I liked how we worked together to solve problems."

"This game reinforces the basics of factoring and helps you to get quicker with your skills."

"I loved the practice again. I have learned to enjoy factoring and my competitive nature is actually helping me pay attention to my issue with negatives."

"This game was very challenging, which got all of the team members to work together. The problems given were what was needed for our team, we really needed the review."

"What I would tell someone is that although this game may be difficult, it really helps you out. The game gives you the answers, so you see your mistakes within the problem."