If you have kids, you may have already heard of the Hedbanz Game. But did you also know that there is a Hedbanz Adult Game? I only found this out because I was in Toys ‘R’ Us looking for the game, but they were sold out. So, the salesperson asked me if I would like to buy the Adult Version instead. The main difference between the kid and the adult version is that the kids’ version has pictures on it. This got me thinking that I could use the vocabulary words and concepts from my classes to do a math version of the game. The picture below shows my students wearing headbands and trying to guess the words using 'yes' or 'no' questions. If you want a copy of the game rules, just ask.

Student Praise for 'Headbands'

"I liked that it had me think about all the words we have discussed. I also liked that it was a fun and different way to review key terms from the chapter."

"I liked how you had to think out of the box. It was also great to work as a team."

" liked that the game allowed students to interact. It forced us to communicate and use different means to reach a point."

"I liked the interaction between the students when we played the game. It was helpful seeing how different people described the same words. It was also a nice change from the usual lectures."

"It made me look back at my notes to help the people at my table guess their word. We all worked together to help each other guess the word in our headbands."