Slopes and Ladders

I created this game in April 2011 as part of a teaching demo that I was doing on slope. There were certain specific points that I had to cover in the demo, such as making sure that students could use the slope formula and interpret the slope. A variety of problems are included as part of this game.

Student Praise for "Slopes and Ladders"

"I liked the process of the game. The game was simple and straight to the point!"

"This was the best game! Once we figured out how to play a lot faster, this game flowed better. It was cool to get into the game and watching people get upset over moving back."

"I would describe the game as a fun way to practice the slope formula. It's a good time and can be challenging. I would say that this is a game that not only tests you mentally, but that also allows you to have fun with friends and classmates."

"If you really want to get into a game and have fun learning math, play this game! It's really fun watching your friends work hard and then just watch them lose their spot."