Things to look for in an agile organization

Here's a list of  things to look for in an agile organization. If an organization calling itself agile doesn't have a significant number of them, it's a clue to look carefully at how things are working before becoming involved. Think of it as a Joel Test for agile. Here are the items, in no particular order:
  • continuous integration
  • story wall
  • regular metrics (velocity, coverage, cyclometric complexity...)
  • (promiscuous?) pair programming
  • TDD
  • version control (not specific to agile org, but key nonetheless)
  • "one team" (the idea of distributed agile seems to be in question, having advocates and detractors on either side of the issue)
  • regular demos (with who, the customer?)
  • planning poker
  • coach who removes obstacles that block developers
  • daily standups
  • retrospectives
  • sustainable pace (used to be called "no overtime" or "40 hour work week")
  • reference books to support good code: (Clean Code, Refactoring, ...)
  • collective code ownership
  • pair during interviews
  • Got a  Agile Center of Excellence – A one stop shop for Agile
  • Learning eco system
  • Work flow automation
  • Automation tools
  • Technical Debt Wall, see here and here 
Feel free to add your own. Before removing an item, please post a comment as to why it's not important.