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Read a Book

Anyone can claim to have read a book. 

Anyone can learn to speed read a book and come away entirely unmoved. 

What we're interested in is how a particular book changed your career, life, perceptions, etc. What did this book inspire you to do?  What skills did it help you develop?



There are a lot of great agile books, some are must-reads, others not so.  I imagine that if we build a series of book overviews here, we'll learn from each other what to read when we're having a problem with a particular skill.  This Quest supports the Self Improvement pillar, but no particular skill.


Find the title of the book I read in the sub-pages below, or add it.  Update the overview, then add a comment on how it affected my life.


If I remember things I read during my work day, and can apply them to make better decisions, then the book reading session was a success.


Periodically I'll go back to my book reviews and see if I'm still using what I learned.

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