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The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development by Chad Fowler

In order to succeed with agile you have to be motivated. This books will give you precious tools to improve your motivation and attitude at work. It is divided into 5 chapters each concentrating on a different subject, but all tightly knitted together to make the reader more successful at their work. This book can help you become remarkable in whatever you do. Especially the three chapters, “Choosing Your Market”, “Invest in Your Product” and “Maintaining Your Edge”, give excellent advice and tips how to develop yourself and keep your skills honed at every moment.

Self-learning, conscious and constant guiding of your focus to new areas is the key. You need to find the passion and motivation for your job so that learning becomes an integral part of your professional life. Chapter 10 title says it all, “Love it or Leave It”. If you can’t find your passion for your work, you should reconsider what you want to do. We spend almost 50% of our waking hours at work so it better be something you like.

When thinking this from the Agile perspective it fits perfectly. This is the essence of Kaizen. Constant improvement. You learn something new, it is the new status quo and then you realize that you can learn more. And the Kaizen cycle is ready. This time you just apply it to yourself.