Agile Skills Matrix

The Agile Skills Matrix is a two-dimensional representation of skills and levels. We expect the Matrix to evolve. What we describe here is our current, best understanding of the major skills required by Agile software development.

The Matrix was designed with three principle uses in mind:

Assessment of Individuals and Teams

  • Since the Skill Levels relate directly to the achievements of individuals, we believe this will be the Matrix’s primary use.  A team member will be able to compare their skill level in each of the Pillar categories and use the result to identify areas needing improvement.   The Agile Skills Project will include suggested learning experiences, including ‘technical quests’ designed to lead the student through a series of developer challenges designed to increase their skills.
  • Teams will be able to assess themselves as a unit, as well as individually.  They could then use the result to plan training or even to identify additional skills to look out for when adding new members.

Assessment of Training

  • We envision using the Matrix to provide an unbiased look at the scope and depth of training courses.  This would be particularly valuable for courses that purport to provide comprehensive education
  • Input for this assessment could come either through examination of course outlines and learning objectives or based upon reports of course attendees.

Assessment of Certification

  • There has been much discussion in the Agile developer community regarding certification.  It is no secret that the Agile Skills Project was started as a reaction to the desire by some to create some form of developer certification.  By comparing a certification’s requirements to the matrix, the community will be able to judge the certification’s true meaning. 
  • The Project stands fully behind the Agile Alliance’s position on certification.  It should be skills-based and hard to achieve.   To that end, we intend to evaluate any developer certification against the Matrix and publish the results.
  • The Project will neither endorse nor condemn any certification.  We will do our best to show what Pillars it covers and to what depth.  The Wizard was wrong, it is not diplomas we need.