Collective Ownership

Supports Pillars:



Definition: The entire team owns the product, project plan, design, code, and tests. Every team member is responsible for improving every part, as well as for finding bargains that will deliver business value sooner.


Steps to Mastery:

  • Student recognizes that project artifacts should belong to the whole team and feels comfortable talking to other team members about artifacts not in his/her primary discipline.
  • Student recognizes that no single member of the team knows enough to make all decisions, and will ask for opinions before making significant decisions.
  • Knows who to talk to to find out just what the customer needs for a particular feature, cares about the quality of the entire product and code base, and capitalizes on Osmotic Communication to know when to share information.
  • Understands and exploits value stream-mapping, executive sponsorship, product vision, and collective code ownership.