We come to this project to discuss the forces at play in our every day work, by sharing our experiences and cataloging the skills we use.  We choose skills because they can be isolated, learned, practiced, and refined. Skills are often granular enough that newcomers and experts alike have valuable insight to share, and so we encourage all developers, testers, designers, analysts, coaches, teachers, researchers, and managers to share an experiment they're working on.  Not sure where to start?  Browse the existing Skills Inventory for ideas!

We're taught to inspect and adapt. It's time to see what skills work well, in what contexts, how to combine them, and above all, to do so empirically. Begin now by joining our Quest Ecosystem.

What's in it for you?  Peer-reviewed experiments, the chance to advance the state of the art by contributing to the Skills Inventory body of knowledge, and community validation of your proficiency in various skills.

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