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YouTube Toolbox
1. YouTube Creators
. YouTube Creator Academy Video Tutorials:
YouTube Creator Academy Channel Trailer <- click
What do I need to get started?
How do I create a technical production strategy?
How do I build a cohesive channel strategy?
How do I optimize my content?
How do I engage with my community?
How can my videos earn money?
Looking for new fans?
5 guiding principles to build your community on YouTube
Why do thumbnails and titles matter?
Get your viewers to act using annotations
How can subscribers help your channel?
Engage your viewers with a live event
. www.youtube.com/yt/creators/creatoracademy.html

. Hook your viewers: goo.gl/wTay4n
. Programming One-Sheeter: goo.gl/danPq4
. Optimizing Your Channel One-Sheeter: goo.gl/429jPP
. Community Engagement One-Sheeter: goo.gl/HEuX04
. YouTube Production Guidebook: goo.gl/AIg3VY
. Creator Hub: youtube.com/yt/creators/index.html
. Playbook: youtube.com/yt/playbook
. Help Center: youtube.com/help
. Free YouTube Courses: goo.gl/RjTO8l
. YouTube Help Desk: goo.gl/63Y7fR
. Get more out of YouTube: google.com/+/learnmore/better/youtube/index.html
. YouTube Videos Insights:
. Reach a global audience:
. Video Creation Marketplace:
More resources -> goo.gl/rHNAlH

2.YouTube Fan Finder: Grow Your Fan Base
. youtube.com/yt/fanfinder/
. youtube.com/fan_finder
. youtubecreator.blogspot.com/2013/11/introducing-youtube-fan-finder.html

3. More YouTube 
. youtube.com/yt/about/
. youtube.com/youtubehelp
. youtube.com/partnersupport
. youtube.com/onechannel
. youtube.com/yt/advertise
. youtube.com/user/advertise
. youtube.com/yt/dev
. youtube.com/yt/promoteyourself/
. youtube.com/ytliveops 
. youtube.com/yt/jobs
. youtube.com/capture

4. Official YouTube communities on G+
. YouTube Analytics: goo.gl/VVwuIH
. YouTube Google+ Integration: goo.gl/Oy7nFL
. YouTube Creators: goo.gl/s1WbxE

5. Blogs
. youtubecreator.blogspot.com 
. youtube-global.blogspot.com
. youtube-trends.blogspot.com

6. YouTube Features: youtube.com/features

7. Circle +YouTube Creators , +YouTube Advertisers 

8. YouTube Course Pack http://goo.gl/n43pkc *
* you may need to be logged in / registered with Google Partners to view some content. 

9. One word: YouTube
> crvdmedia.com/one-word-youtube/