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Back to the Future: Part III (1990)

The third and final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy filmed at a few familiar locations from the previous films and introduced us to Hill Valley in 1885. 

The film opens with a scene at Doc's place in 1955 at 4 Westmoreland Place in Pasadena.

Doc sends Marty back in time at the "Potatchee Drive-In," a set constructed by the film crew in Monument Valley, located near the border of Utah and Arizona. 

As Marty stumbles over a hill, he arrives on the 1885 McFly homestead, which was filmed near the junction of Albertson Fire Road & Lindero Canyon Road north of Oak Park, CA (thanks to

Marty follows the train tracks into town and arrives at the Hill Valley train station, which was originally a set built for the 1985 film Pale Rider, starring Clint Eastwood. 

The shot rises and we see Marty entering the town of Hill Valley. This western town was a set built near the existing train station specifically for the film. It was located in an area known as Red Hills Ranch, about 8 miles south of Jamestown, CA off Highway 108. After filming, the set saw continued use in film and TV production until it burned to the ground in a wildfire in 1996 (thanks to for providing location information)

Doc and Marty test their ability to get up to 88 mph back in Monument Valley.

They prepare the Delorean for traveling on railroad tracks at the silver mine. This was also a set leftover from Pale Rider, and was located just west of the town set along the train tracks.

The train used for filming was the historic Sierra No. 3 engine, which still operates an excursion run on a stretch of the original 1897 rail line from Jamestown to Oakdale, CA. Railtown 1897 State Historic Park offers a museum where visitors can see this famous movie train as well as other props from the film. 

Doc and Marty board the train via the caboose, which is also on display at Railtown 1897.

Marty arrives back in 1985 on a stretch of railroad tracks in Port Hueneme, CA. The "Eastwood Ravine" bridge was added digitally.

Onlookers stare as Marty passes by 4th Street in Port Hueneme. 

Just to the east of this intersection is where Marty dives out of the car just in time to watch it get destroyed by an oncoming train. 

Marty heads back through the entrance to "Lyon Estates" at the corner of Kagel Canyon Street & Sandusky Avenue in Arleta, CA.

And arrives back home at the 1985 McFly house at 9303 Roslyndale Avenue in Arleta.

Marty and Jennifer take his truck for a drive down Doris Avenue in Oxnard, CA. 

When they stop at a light at Oxford Drive, they see the entrance to "Hilldale Estates," their home in the future.

This is where Marty is challenged to a race by Needles (Flea), who is almost hit by a Rolls Royce coming from Coronado Place

As they return to the wreckage site, Marty and Jennifer are greeted by Doc and his new family in their fancy new Jules Verne-inspired stream train. This was a one-sided shell built by the film crew and is now on display at Universal Studios Orlando

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