List of Schools

Like me, you're probably wondering "If they blow their cover at the end of every episode, wouldn't they have to go to a different school each time?" Well, the show did actually shoot at just about every high school in Vancouver. Unlike most TV shows that just flash an exterior shot and re-use the same interior set, 21 Jump Street actually shot extensively at each school. Here is a running list of the many schools seen throughout the show:

Argyle Secondary School (1131 Frederick Road, North Vancouver)

Balmoral Junior Secondary School (3365 Mahon Avenue, North Vancouver)

Carson Graham Secondary School (2145 Jones Avenue, North Vancouver)

David Thompson Secondary School (1755 55 Avenue East, Vancouver)

Eric Hamber Secondary School (5025 Willow Street, Vancouver)

Gladstone Secondary School (4105 Gladstone Street, Vancouver)

John Oliver Secondary School (530 East 41st Avenue, Vancouver)

Kitsilano Secondary School (2550 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver)

Lord Byng Secondary School (3939 16 Avenue West, Vancouver)

Point Grey Secondary School (5350 East Boulevard, Vancouver)

Prince of Wales Secondary School (2250 Eddington Drive, Vancouver)

Renfrew Elementary School (3315 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver)
End Credits throughout show's run

St. George's School (4175 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver)

Templeton Secondary School (727 Templeton Drive, Vancouver)

Vancouver College (5400 Cartier Street, Vancouver)

Vancouver School of Theology (6000 Iona Drive, Vancouver)

Vancouver Technical School (2600 East Broadway, Vancouver)

Windermere Community Secondary School (3155 East 27th Avenue, Vancouver)

Windsor Secondary School (931 Broadview DriveNorth Vancouver)

University of British Columbia