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Real Genius (1985)

I started mapping out all of the locations I could find from this film in Google Maps, beginning with the "Pacific Tech" college campus - which was filmed at the Occidental Pomona College campuses in California. That's all I knew. So going off that, I used a combination of Google Street View and Satellite view and a campus map to match up the screenshots. That's why this has been an exciting find, as it seems nobody else has bothered to track down these locations yet. Recently I had a chance to venture out to the locations and snag some photos. There are still a lot of locations I can't find as well, listed below.

The "Pacific Electronics" building is Building #7 at General Atomics at 3550 General Atomics Court, San Diego CA. This facility is closed to the public (thanks to TheAngryIntern).

Bar where they get a burger
Barney's Beanery
8447 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood

GPS Coordinates:
34.090771, -118.374641

Dorm Building
Harwood Court building at Pomona College
The interior was used as well for a few shots. However, I believe the hallway with dorms was a set at Hollywood Center Studios. This was also the dorm building in Teen Wolf Too.

GPS Coordinates:
34.096409, -117.713833

Mitch drops his books outside school building
Outside Johnson Hall, Occidental College

GPS Coordinates:
34.127153, -118.211356

Chris runs through campus
Walkway behind Weingardt Hall on Bird Road, Occidental College

GPS Coordinates:

Stealing Kent's Car
Parking area behind Chilcott Hall, Occidental College

GPS Coordinates:
34.128640, -118.210241

Chris & Ick discuss the plan
Johnson Student Center, Occidental College

GPS Coordinates:
34.127401, -118.212166

Kent almost hits Mitch with car
Intersection of Bird & Gilman Roads., Occidental College

GPS Coordinates:
34.128905, -118.211359

Chris studies
Central Quadrangle, Occidental College

GPS Coordinates:
34.127213, -118.211855

Pacific Tech Quad
Quad between Crookshank & Mason Halls, Pomona College
Mason Hall was shown in this shot. The Pomona College campus was also used in Teen Wolf Too.

GPS Coordinates:
34.099079, -117.715861

Hathaway's House
15632 Saddleback Road, Santa Clarita CA
A very special thanks to Mario in Germany for tracking this one down! I'd given up all hope after searching forever in Google Maps and it turns out I was really close the whole time. The house used for filming is of course no longer there, but several landmarks remain - including the culvert under the street. 

GPS Coordinates:

M.I.A. Locations

Hathaway's Office (looks like Occidental campus)

Airport/Air Force Base

Google Map                                                                                     

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