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Quicksilver (1986)

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Kevin Bacon stars as Jack Casey, a stock market guru who loses his nerve and decides to join the ranks of bicycle messengers on the crowded streets of downtown San Francisco. Featuring some amazing chase sequences and more than one "bike dancing" scene, this is one cheesy 80s movie that can't be missed! Several scenes were shot in downtown San Francisco for authenticity, but the majority of filming was in Los Angeles

Much of the chase with the messenger at the start of the film is in downtown Los Angeles. This is on West 5th Street between S. Spring Street and S. Broadway. Then its further down the block by South Broadway.

GPS Coordinates:

Then they are going south past approximately 537 South Broadway.

The chase continues past 125 West 4th Street

The chase continues on down South Broadway at West 7th Street.

Finally the bike messenger wins, as he squeezes behind a truck going down West 6th Street at Spring Street. 

After Jack picks up a bike, he is seen riding down West 6th Street at South Grand Avenue. For some reason, the shot is flipped.

Jack is seen climbing up Commercial Street in San Francisco. The Ferry Building can be seen in the distance.

The alleyway entrance to "Kurtzwell's Quicksilver Express Company" where much of the film takes place is actually "Hennessy Street" on the Warner Brothers Studios backlot (4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank). A false wall (top-left of screenshot) was added to close off one street. 

GPS Coordinates:

Hector (Paul Rodriguez) reveals his plans to open a hot dog stand outside San Francisco City Hall on Van Ness Avenue

GPS Coordinates:

Jack's apartment in the film is located at 544 Mateo Street in Los Angeles.

Part of the chase at the end is going SE down West 5th Street between S. Spring & S. Main St. in Los Angeles. They are going by the Hotel Rosslyn at 112 West 5th

Jack and Voodoo (Laurence Fishburne) race under the 4th Street Bridge on South Santa Fe Avenue in Los Angeles. The building directly behind them is now a parking lot.

Voodoo gets taken out of the race at the corner of Mateo Street & East 4th Place.

The chase comes to a "crashing" conclusion as the car flies off the Embarcadero Freeway (since demolished) and lands right in front of the Waterfront Restaurant on Pier 7 in San Francisco. 

GPS Coordinates:

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