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The Untouchables (1987)

Kevin Costner stars as Eliot Ness, a federal treasury agent assigned to uphold Prohibition and bring down gangster Al Capone (Robert De Niro) in 1930 Chicago. Thanks to Chas at Itsfilmedthere for doing most of the work finding these locations!

"Hausman's Laundry" - seen blowing up at the start of the film, is located at 3369 North Clark Street.

The liquor raid that turns up dry was located at 917 West 19th Place - but the actual building they "plow" into has since been torn down. The far end of the alley where Ness and the police officers approach from is still intact (what's in red is gone now).

GPS Coordinates (alley):

Toward the end of the scene when we see officers rushing across the street, they are running across West 19th Place from the opposite (north) side of the street.

Ness meets Malone (Sean Connery) on the east side of the Michigan Avenue bridge over the Chicago River.

GPS Coordinates:

The exterior of the Lexington Hotel where Al Capone stays were shot outside Roosevelt University at 430 South Michigan Avenue

The staircase on the inside of the hotel was filmed inside the upper foyer of the Chicago Theater at 175 North State Street.

Ness goes to see Malone at his house at the corner of "Racine & Harrison" - actually South Calumet Avenue and East 46th Street. Unfortunately, the building has since been torn down.

The exterior of the police station was the Rookery Building at 202 South LaSalle Street. This was also "Duncan's Toy Chest" in Home Alone 2.

Ness and Malone have a talk inside Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica at 3121 West Jackson Boulevard

For their first big liquor bust, Malone leads Ness and the gang across LaSalle Street from the Rookery Building... the post office next door - actually the City National Bank & Trust Company Building at 208 South LaSalle Street.

After this incident, Capone gives his constituents a lesson on teamwork inside the Crystal Ballroom of the Blackstone Hotel at 636 South Michigan Avenue.

Frank Nitti (Billy Drago) confronts Eliot at his home at 2030 West 22nd Place in the Lower West Side. 

In order to see his wife (Patricia Clarkson) and daughter safely off, Eliot has agents Malone, Wallace (Charles Martin Smith) and Stone (Andy Garcia) meet him in front of his house. As they talk on West 22nd Place, the shot looks west and Saint Paul Catholic Church can be seen in the distance at 22nd & South Hoyne Avenue.