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The Wraith (1986)

Jake Kesey (Charlie Sheen) is reincarnated as a mysterious figure who drives a futuristic car so he can exact revenge on a group of small-town thugs. Co-stars include Nick Cassavetes, Sherilyn Fenn, Randy Quaid and Clint Howard. The entire film took place around Tucson, AZ. 

Shots of the hilly road leading into the fictional "Brooks, AZ" may have been filmed on Freeman Road on the south side of Tucson.

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Keri (Fenn) lives at 2128 East 5th Street in Tucson.

"Big Kay's Burgers" was built especially for the film at approximately 2755 East Benson Highway in Tucson and no longer remains. The abandoned motel across the street can be seen in several shots. 

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Sheriff Loomis (Quaid) goes to talk to Skank (David Sherrill) and Gutterboy (Jamie Bozian) at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.

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The swimming hole is somewhere in Sabino Canyon, off North Upper Sabino Canyon Road. The exact spot has yet to be found.

The curvy mountain road where Packard (Cassavetes) and his gang challenge other cars to deadly races is the General Hitchcock/Catalina/Mount Lemmon Highway that winds through natural stone monoliths north of Tucson.

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The bridge where the police set up a blockade is next to the Cienega Creek Railroad Bridge east of Tucson. 

GPS Coordinates: 
 32° 1'11.39"N, 110°38'45.81"W

Skank and Gutterboy chase after Jamie and Keri south down North 4th Avenue at East 7th Street in Tucson.

Heading south on North 4th Avenue at East 6th Street.

The portion of the chase that leads into a tunnel appears to be a since-redone tunnel on North 4th Avenue where it crosses under railroad tracks.

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Jake and Keri ride over the road through Sabino Canyon Recreation Area (near Sabino Lake Dam) NE of Tucson.

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This spot is further down the same road. 

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And what about "The Wraith" - the futuristic-looking car that Charlie Sheen drives in the film? The Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor was a pace car built by Chrysler and PPG Industries. In total, 6 copies were made for the film - 2 stunt cars made from molds of the original car and 4 non-drive able "dummies" that were destroyed during filming. One of the actual Turbo Interceptors was used for several close-up shots such as the scene with the gull-wing door opening. You can view this original car at the Walter p. Chrysler Museum at 1 Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, MI. In more exciting news, Wraith super fan Lyle has acquired one of the actual stunt cars from the film and restored it with impeccable detail and now makes the car show circuit with it, along with Charlie Sheen's costume from the film - Check out the page here!

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