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Return of the Living Dead Part II (1987)

This cheesy but still entertaining sequel to the cult-classic zombie movie was filmed around Santa Clarita and Sierra Madre, CA. 

In the opening shots we see the army convoy driving down Baldwin Avenue and turning onto Kersting Court in Sierra Madre, CA. 

Next, the trucks are seen driving over the old Piru Creek Bridge (in Piru, CA) when the barrel rolls off into the creek. Now closed to road traffic, this bridge has been used in several movies including Enough

GPS Coordinates:

The establishing shot of the housing development begins looking down Sheffield Place in Santa Clarita, CA. 

Jesse (Michael Kenworthy) lives at 22731 Derby Place in Santa Clarita. Much of the later action in the film takes place on this same street. 

The group watches in horror as Jesse's neighbor is overrun by zombies. His house is nearby at 22717 Derby Place

On their way to the police station, the survivors drive west on West Sierra Madre Boulevard (between South Baldwin & Auburn Avenue) in downtown Sierra Madre. 

In the next shot, they are seen driving east on the opposite side of the street to arrive at "Westvale" police station at 71 West Sierra Madre Boulevard

From here, they look up to see zombies approaching in front of the Sierra Madre Playhouse at 87 West Sierra Madre Boulevard.

They make a quick stop to load up on weapons at 169 North Baldwin Avenue

The pet store that is being overrun by zombies is now Villagio Pizzeria at 41 North Baldwin Avenue in Santa Clarita. 

Ed finally turns and is gunned down by the army soldiers on Kersting Court at West Sierra Madre Boulevard.

Tom (Dana Ashbrook) is driving the ambulance north on North Baldwin Avenue when he rams a zombie into a car dealership sign at what is now Sierra Madre Independent Honda at 44 North Baldwin

Joey (Thom Mathews) finally turns and chases Brenda (Suzanne Snyder) into the Sierra Madre Episcopal Church of the Ascension at 25 East Laurel Avenue

The two army soldiers see zombies approaching on Montecito Court when they open fire on them. 

We then see the same zombies driving the jeep down the same alley as they spot Jesse. 

The front of the meat packing warehouse is at approximately 93 East Montecito Avenue

We see them baiting the dead with meat out of the delivery truck as they drive once again down West Sierra Madre Boulevard at Windsor Lane. 

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