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23 August 2017 ****** NEW RELEASE ****** now with photo

The long awaited LMS 4F kit is now available. See News.

Added to Traders

20 June 2017 - Modellers Weekend 13-15 October 2017

15 June 2017

Added Society Order Form here.

25 May 2017

18 May 2017 - New Release for the AGM

See News.

15 May 2017 - KWTrams

More information, see News.

3 May 2017 - KWTrams

New motor bogies and tender drives, see News.

31 March 2017 - London Area Group Change of Date

Please note that the London Area Group meeting at the MRC on 24 June has been moved to 8 July.

28 March 2017 - Copyright and Content

We have added a notice to this web site relating to copyright and content to protect the Society from any related issues. Please address any comments on the wording to the the web master.

15 March 2017 - TT 60 Years

The North West Group celebrated “TT 60 Years” with this cake brought by David Payne. It was decorated with authentic Tri-ang TT yellow icing with a specially made commemorative band to the sides and topped by a Jinty on a track section with a candle in the chimney. They all sang Happy Birthday before cutting and sharing it. 

12 March 2017 - Index to Mixed traffic

Thanks to Tim Barnard for the latest index to Mixed Traffic. See the link on the Home page.

4 February 2017

Thanks to Trevor Lloyd-Lee for How I ... Eaase-up

2 February 2017 - Andrew Thomas' Etched Chassis

Andrew Thomas' etched chassis are listed in the  Price ListThanks to Andrew for providing this list of which products suit which chassis.

23 January 2017 - Ex Finney & Smith kits

The etched brass kits, reduced from Connoisseur Models kits (Jim McGeown) and previously marketed by Finney & Smith, are now available from the Society shop. See the list here.

8 January 2017

Delyn Y Coed (The Harp Tree) updated thanks to Jim Barry.

6 January 2017 

Thanks to Jim Barry Aldgate Hill & Norton Folgate added to Layout Gallery.

6 January 2017 

13 December 2016

Thanks to Trevor Lloyd-Lee for How I ... Protect Bufferstops

29 November 2016

Thanks to Trevor Lloyd-Lee for How I ... use Servos for Semaphores

26 November 2016

Thanks to Brian Keenan for How I ... build BR Mk 1 coaches from Worsley Works

22 November 2016 - Added  Kingswear with branch to Heathfield to Layout Gallery

13 October 2016 - Price List

Thanks to Tony Parkin changes to the Price List are included here.

25 August 2016 - MB Model Railway Products

Thanks to Vic Freemantle for pursuing corridor connections from this company which is new to 3mm (see News).

23 August 2016

Thanks to Nick for At the AGM with Nick Smith.

21 August 2016

Thanks to Vic Freemantle for How I ... create third rail.

27 July 2016

I have changed the name of the Tutorials page to How I ... in an attempt to make it less formal. I would like to see more contributions like this. How do you make track, wagons, locos, buildings, scenery ...
26 July 2016

All the layouts in the Layout Gallery have been classified as Current/Home/Historical/Challenges. The submenu in the sidebar has been removed.

24 July 2016

Thanks to Simon Littleworth for the link to his 3mm album in the Gallery

12 July 2016

I have started to copy kit instructions from the Files section of our eGroup into a folder in our Society Archive on Google Drive. There is a link to the folder here.

I am slowly removing the sub menus from the sidebar since some of them are getting a bit unwieldy, it is easy to miss additional information on the main page and I can't include links. Let me know if you see a downside to this.
11 July 2016

Thanks to Nigel Brown for updates to 14.2mm Gauge Flexible Track review

10 July 2016

Track and Wheels added to Products. This subject is under development.

Completed adding albums from Wessex Open Meetings by Geoff Helliwell.

9 July 2016

Technical Data replaced by Technical Notes which describes our plans in more detail.

7 July 2016

Added new album from Geoff Helliwell to Modbury Torr

25 June 2016

I am making good progress with the Layout Gallery. Most of the layouts in Forthcoming Events now include links to Current layouts.

I am struggling to complete the mapping of to this new site such that it replaces in links. However it looks as though I have succeeded in redirecting links to the new site. The old site should still be available using this link:

Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing this new site or if you have experience of mapping domain names to Google sites.

I have trimmed or removed some of the history below.
15 June 2016

Thanks go to Geoff Helliwell for providing a huge number of superb photographs for the web site. I have just completed Flickr albums using Geoff's pictures taken at our AGMs from 2000 to 2015. See At the AGM

14 June 2016

I think I have corrected the pictures in Products and Tutorials that went missing. If you find any more pictures that appear to be missing please let me know.

6 June 2016

Note the new page In the press. Keep me  informed.

2 June 2016

Thanks to Nigel for updates to Getting Started in 3mm Scale by Nigel Brown.

31 May 2016

Our Price List is included here.

29 March 2016

I have copied New Products from the old web site. It needs some reworking.

I have merged the Archive page with These we have loved and copied it here. This needs reviewing.

When we get the new price list I need to check that the products that are claimed to be still available really are!  

28 March 2016

I am also reviewing Getting Started in 3mm Scale by Nigel Brown and I have started adding some suggestions for new material.

18 March 2016

I have transferred the words from the Publicity leaflet to 3mm Society. They need a bit of revamping for the web site.