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27 January 2022 - Modifiying Peco Points

Richard Pope writes: "One of the things we promised to do at the Triang Zoom meeting in November was to give people a simple method for modifying Peco H0m points to take Triang wheels. Some time ago Paul Hopkins gave me details of a simple way to do this."

See How I ...

1 November 2021 - Modern Image

Thanks to Robin Idle and Dave Bates for further addition to Coaches converted to run with WR DMUs in Modern Image

27 October 2021 - Modern Image

Thanks to Robin Idle for the additional section Coaches converted to run with WR DMUs in Modern Image

22 September 2021 - Broken Links

Following a Google security update some of the links in this web site have been broken. I am trying to find and fix them. If you find one please let me know by email at 3mmweb@gmail.com.

7 September 2021 - Technical Data

This page has been removed since it repeats a subset of the table in Technical Note 2 which can be reached from Technical Notes

16 July 2021 - Forthcoming Events ...

... are on the rise and new layouts appearing.

20 April 2021 - All Change!

We are required by Google to move our web site to the new version of Google Sites by September 2021. Much of the process is automatic and I have crawled through the result looking for obvious places where changes are needed. However I can't keep doing that forever so I have now replaced the old site with this new one. Please let me know if you find anything that needs attention by emailing 3mmweb@gmail.com.

17 July 2020 - Layout gallery

The Chilterns group layout Gerrards Cross has now been scrapped.

Addison Park has been withdrawn from the exhibition circuit and is currently in store.

5 July 2020 - Exeter Central by Phil Smith

Link added to Home

15 March 2020 - From the Secretary

Dear 3mm Society Member

It is with regret and with the agreement of the Committee that we have decided to cancel the AGM due to be held on 9 May 2020 in Swindon due to the ongoing situation with the Covid19 outbreak.

We feel that doing this will remove the opportunity for infection amongst our members as their health is paramount and it is estimated that the virus will peak in May.

I know this will be disappointing news for many of you, but reassured the Sales function of the Society will continue as normal by post & online.

It is hoped that Society events later in the year will go ahead as normal, but we are in a play it by ear situation at the present given the rapid progress of the disease.

An announcement will also be put on the eGroup in due course. I would be grateful if you could pass this information onto those members who are not on email or the eGroup.

Thank you for your understanding

Stephen Driscoll


5 March 2020 - Beyond Triang

Thanks to Garry Hall for the update describing his WR 2-8-0

9 September 2019 - Redford Junction

Redford Junction has been withdrawn from the exhibition circuit and moves to the Historical category. Thanks to Dennis Bunge for additional photos from its last showing.

1 February 2019 - Bluish

Thanks to Philip Mason for our latest layout on the exhibition circuit.

1 January 2019 From the Secretary

Dear 3mm Members

I am writing to let you know that nominations for Committee posts are now open.

Our current Chairman, Philip Smith, has indicated that he wishes to step down due to health reasons, thus we have a vacancy for Chairman.

At the time of writing, all other current Committee members have indicated they wish to stand for 2019/20. The post of Publicity Officer is still vacant.

If you wish to nominate a member for a Committee position or wish to stand, Nomination forms may be obtained from the Secretary via email 3mmsec@gmail.com or by post (Secretary postal address in Mixed Traffic).

Any nominations should be sent to the Secretary by 1st March 2019.

Stephen Driscoll


15 November 2018 Photo Albums

Flickr are introducing restrictions on the number of photos stored in free accounts so some albums are being moved to Google Photos. Please email 3mmweb@gmail.com if you have difficulty accessing these albums or if you find any broken links.

3 November 2018 GDPR

Our GDPR policy can be viewed here: Membership

22 October 2018 Modellers Weekend next year

Worsley Works Railway Modellers Weekend 18th-19th-20th October 2019

Whately Hall Hotel

17 - 19 Horse Fair

Banbury Cross

OX16 0AN



18th-19th-20th October

The Worsley Works Modellers Weekend is an informal get together of modellers, with experience in scales from 2mm - 16mm,

We are starting at 1 o'clock on Friday, and running through to Sunday afternoon.

Where else could you get over 20 hours of modelling done.

Double Room....................£130 per night - Bed/Breakfast and Evening Meal

Single Room..................... £95 per night - Bed/Breakfast and Evening meal

Most of those attending this year's Modellers Weekend are booking Friday night - Saturday night.

Worsley Works sponsors this event and there are no extra charges.

You only pay the cost of the hotel room.

For more information or to make a booking see:-


or write to :-

Allen Doherty

19 Douglas Road


M28 2SR

or email

22 October 2018 Update from dolphinembroideryuk@gmail.com (see news on 13 November 2017, below)

We have changed supplier of your garments as these are better quality garments and cheaper.

* No logo on this garment

17 October 2018 - Uppingham

Thanks to Martin Olley, and BRM, for information on his layout.

22 July 2018 - Beyond Triang

Thanks to Garry Hall for more on Beyond Triang. See also Product News.

21 May 2018 - 3mm Society AGM

See Secretary Steve's blog for a review of what went on at the AGM in Swindon on Saturday:

21 May 2018 GDPR - New Data Protection Regulations from May 25th May

No doubt you as an individual will have received various emails from the major companies, Societies you belong to and other organisations regarding the introduction of the new data protection regulations.

The 3mm Society like other organisations is required to abide by these regulations and work is ongoing to introduce a policy for the Society which satisfies these arrangements.

What is the Society doing to inform members?

We will be issuing guidance in the July Newsletter. Before this those members who have an email address will be contacted or if they do not have an email address, then by letter.

With the following statement:

As you may be aware the law on the storage and use of electronic data is changing on the 25th of May. In order to comply with these new regulations the Society has to ask you to renew your consent to be contacted by email. If you are happy to receive emails from the Society please reply to this email saying:

I agree to receive emails from the 3mm Society and for the Society to retain my personal information for use by the 3mm Society only.

We only send out emails to to let members know of Society events and renewal reminders and in addition your information is used by our Second hand and Warehouse team when providing you with goods & services.The information we hold on computer is name, address, telephone number, email address and subscription status. No financial details are held except invoices for audit purposes which we are required to do so by law. The membership list is only used for the efficient management of the society and is not disclosed to third parties.

Stephen Driscoll


1 May 2018 - Transfers

Thanks to Tony Parkin who has revamped the section on Transfers in the Illustrated Catalogue here.

25 February 2018 - London Area Meeting

See Secretary Steve's blog for a mini-report on what went on at Keen House yesterday.

5 February 2018 Modern Image

Thanks to Robin Idle for further updates.

9 January 2018 Updates

Happy New Year to all our readers.

Tony Parkin has started to revamp the Illustrated Catalogue. You can follow his progress here.

Barry Witteridge has been updating the lists here.

Roy Norton has been adding more Instructions.

Our thanks go to all our contributors.

10 December 2017 Site Reorganisation

I am reorganising some of the pages relating to Society products. Please email me at 3mmweb@gmail.com if you have comments or suggestions.

8 December 2017 Secondhand & Spares

Thanks to John Carter for the description of this service.

6 December 2017 - see Modern Image

The development of this page is ongoing.

18 November 2017 Worsley Works Railway Modellers Weekend 18th-19th-20th-21st October 2018

Whately Hall Hotel, 17 - 19 Horse Fair, Banbury Cross, OX16 0AN, BANBURY, UNITED KINGDOM

The Modellers Weekend is an informal get together of modellers, with experience in scales from 2mm - 16mm,

This year to celebrate 25 years of the Modellers Weekend we are starting at 1 o'clock on Thursday and running through to Sunday afternoon.

Where else could you get over 30 hours of modelling done?

Double Room....................£125 per night - Bed/Breakfast and Evening Meal

Single Room..................... £95 per night - Bed/Breakfast and Evening meal

Most of those attending this years Modellers Weekend are booking Thursday night Friday night - Saturday night.

Minimum booking Friday Saturday night

Worsley Works sponsors this event and there are no extra charges.

You only pay the cost of the hotel room.

For more information or to make a booking see:-


or write to :-

Allen Doherty

19 Douglas Road


M28 2SR

or email

13 November 2017 3mm Clothing

Thanks to Mervyn Turvey for arranging the production of the 3mm clothing described in this Brochure.

Please contact dolphinembroideryuk@gmail.com for orders or more information.

Thanks also to our 3mm models below.

13 November 2017 Westfest success

The "Dorset contingent" presented our Chairman with a donation following the success of Westfest this year.

29 October 2017 Traders

The Traders page is superseded by Barry's Tools and Suppliers and has been removed.

27 October 2017 Tools and Suppliers

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for providing and maintaining the lists of tools and suppliers. I have added these to the Products page which has been renamed Tools and Suppliers.

23 June 2017 - Yeoman Models Bespoke Miniatures

Added to Traders

15 June 2017

Added Society Order Form here.

25 May 2017

Added Sales & Wants.

31 March 2017 - London Area Group Change of Date

Please note that the London Area Group meeting at the MRC on 24 June has been moved to 8 July.

28 March 2017 - Copyright and Content

We have added a notice to this web site relating to copyright and content to protect the Society from any related issues. Please address any comments on the wording to the the web master.

15 March 2017 - TT 60 Years

The North West Group celebrated “TT 60 Years” with this cake brought by David Payne. It was decorated with authentic Tri-ang TT yellow icing with a specially made commemorative band to the sides and topped by a Jinty on a track section with a candle in the chimney. They all sang Happy Birthday before cutting and sharing it.

12 March 2017 - Index to Mixed traffic

Thanks to Tim Barnard for the latest index to Mixed Traffic. See the link on the Home page.

4 February 2017

Thanks to Trevor Lloyd-Lee for How I ... Eaase-up

2 February 2017 - Andrew Thomas' Etched Chassis

Andrew Thomas' etched chassis are listed in the Price List. Thanks to Andrew for providing this list of which products suit which chassis.

23 January 2017 - Ex Finney & Smith kits

The etched brass kits, reduced from Connoisseur Models kits (Jim McGeown) and previously marketed by Finney & Smith, are now available from the Society shop. See the list here.

8 January 2017

Delyn Y Coed (The Harp Tree) updated thanks to Jim Barry.

6 January 2017

Thanks to Jim Barry Aldgate Hill & Norton Folgate added to Layout Gallery.

6 January 2017

Added link to www.modelrailwayclubs.co.uk in Links

13 December 2016

Thanks to Trevor Lloyd-Lee for How I ... Protect Bufferstops

29 November 2016

Thanks to Trevor Lloyd-Lee for How I ... use Servos for Semaphores

26 November 2016

Thanks to Brian Keenan for How I ... build BR Mk 1 coaches from Worsley Works

22 November 2016 - Added Kingswear with branch to Heathfield to Layout Gallery

13 October 2016 - Price List

Thanks to Tony Parkin changes to the Price List are included here.

23 August 2016

Thanks to Nick for At the AGM with Nick Smith.

21 August 2016

Thanks to Vic Freemantle for How I ... create third rail.

27 July 2016

I have changed the name of the Tutorials page to How I ... in an attempt to make it less formal. I would like to see more contributions like this. How do you make track, wagons, locos, buildings, scenery ...

26 July 2016

All the layouts in the Layout Gallery have been classified as Current/Home/Historical/Challenges. The submenu in the sidebar has been removed.

24 July 2016

Thanks to Simon Littleworth for the link to his 3mm album in the Gallery

12 July 2016

I have started to copy kit instructions from the Files section of our eGroup into a folder in our Society Archive on Google Drive. There is a link to the folder here.

I am slowly removing the sub menus from the sidebar since some of them are getting a bit unwieldy, it is easy to miss additional information on the main page and I can't include links. Let me know if you see a downside to this.

11 July 2016

Thanks to Nigel Brown for updates to 14.2mm Gauge Flexible Track review

10 July 2016

Track and Wheels added to Products. This subject is under development.

Completed adding albums from Wessex Open Meetings by Geoff Helliwell.

9 July 2016

Technical Data replaced by Technical Notes which describes our plans in more detail.

7 July 2016

Added new album from Geoff Helliwell to Modbury Torr

25 June 2016

I am making good progress with the Layout Gallery. Most of the layouts in Forthcoming Events now include links to Current layouts.

I am struggling to complete the mapping of 3mmSociety.org.uk to this new site such that it replaces sites.google.com/site/3mmpublic in links. However it looks as though I have succeeded in redirecting links to the new site. The old site should still be available using this link:

3mm Society - old site

Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing this new site or if you have experience of mapping domain names to Google sites.

I have trimmed or removed some of the history below.

15 June 2016

Thanks go to Geoff Helliwell for providing a huge number of superb photographs for the web site. I have just completed Flickr albums using Geoff's pictures taken at our AGMs from 2000 to 2015. See At the AGM.

14 June 2016

I think I have corrected the pictures in Products and Tutorials that went missing. If you find any more pictures that appear to be missing please let me know.

6 June 2016

Note the new page In the press. Keep me informed.

2 June 2016

Thanks to Nigel for updates to Getting Started in 3mm Scale by Nigel Brown.

31 May 2016

Our Price List is included here.

29 March 2016

I have copied New Products from the old web site. It needs some reworking.

I have merged the Archive page with These we have loved and copied it here. This needs reviewing.

When we get the new price list I need to check that the products that are claimed to be still available really are!

28 March 2016

I am also reviewing Getting Started in 3mm Scale by Nigel Brown and I have started adding some suggestions for new material.

18 March 2016

I have transferred the words from the Publicity leaflet to 3mm Society. They need a bit of revamping for the web site.