Layout Gallery

Many of the layouts are illustrated using Flickr albums. Flickr are introducing restrictions on the number of photos stored in free accounts so some albums are being moved to Google Photos. Please email if you have difficulty accessing these albums or if you find any broken links.

Current - layouts on the exhibition circuit. The table below is intended to assist Exhibition Managers browse for suitable layouts.

Home - layouts that never leave the home, or club

Historical - layouts that have been dismantled, scrapped or sold on

Challenges - layouts entered into Society Challenge competitions

Many of the layout pages above include links to Flickr or Google Photos albums. Most of the older material still resides on our previous web site. The layout links and contacts open in a new window.

The albums have been created by the web master and time prevents the creation of a description for each picture. However you can add a description as a comment.

If you click on the pictures in the albums you will get an enlarged view. Scroll down and you may find a description followed by comments. 
Current Exhibition Layouts

Layout name Railway Co. & Period Scale / GaugeContact Location
 Addison Park L.T.1950s  3mm / 14.2 Buckinghamshire
 Aldgate Hill & Norton Folgate GNR 1969-75 3mm / 12 North Staffs/
 South Cheshire
 Ballyconnell Road GNRi (Irish) 1955 3mm / 15.75 Kent
 Billton Goods  LNWR/LMS 1950s 3mm / 12 St.Albans/Watford
 Bluish BR blue era 3mm /12 Knaresborough
 Bulverhythe 1941 3mm Sussex
 Chipping Compton BR (WR) 3mm / 12 Cheltenham?
 Daconby Town Lincoln early 1960s 3mm / 14.2 Cheshunt, Herts.
 Delyn Y Coed (The Harp Tree) Wrexham 1950/60s 3mm / 12 North Staffs/
 South Cheshire
 Exe Bridge GWR / BR(WR) 3mm / 12 Hampshire/Sussex
 Finnegan's Crossing Irish narrow gauge
 3mm / 9 Holmfirth,
 West Yorkshire
 Flockburgh Scottish border steam 3mm / 14.2 Leamington Spa
 Gotham BR, Nottingham 3mm / 14.2 Hertford
 Hemlock GWR 3mm / 14.2? Croydon
 Hemyock Road GWR/BR 3mm / 12 Leeds
 Hennock Devon 3mm / 12 Dorset
 Heybridge Wharf  Light Rly, Suffolk 3mm / 14.2 Bristol
 Lakebank LMS 1930s 3mm / 14.2 Devon
Renamed Lananta Quay GWR/LSWR/B&ER
 3mm / 14.2 & 21 Devon
 Lindhurst  Col Stephens, Kent c1936 3mm / 14.2 Kent
 Masbury S&D 3mm / 12 Leeds
 Modbury Torr GWR, Devon 3mm / 12 Hampshire/Sussex
 Portsea BR (SR) 3mm / 12 Hampshire/Sussex
 Sabins End England 3mm / 12 Banbury,
 Shades of Grey 1930s 3mm / 12 Devon
 Teignford  3mm / 12 Dorset
 Thealby Lincolnshire 1950/60s 3mm / 12 Southampton
 The Sub Wealden Gypsum Co., Hoath Hill East Sussex 3mm / 14.2 Sussex
 Thunders Hill LBSCR/SR 1936-38 3mm / 12 Sussex
 Three Mills  BR East Anglia 3mm / 14.2 Suffolk?
 Triang Historical Layout Triang TT 3mm / 12 Bedfordshire
 Triang TT Historical layout Triang TT 3mm / 12 Banbury,
 Uplyme BR (SR) Lyme Regis 3mm / 12 Basingstoke
 Uppingham BR c1960 3mm / 12 Nottingham
 Wantage Wantage Tramway c1935 3mm Kent
 Whatlington East Sussex 3mm Sussex