Secondhand & Spares

Please note that these services are available to members only. There is a table of contact details on the front page of every quarterly Newsletter. 

Stock Sidings

The Society runs a second-hand service known as Stock Sidings. The Society Second-hand Officer maintains a stock of second-hand 3mm items for sale at reasonable prices to Society members. The stock comes from members who have surplus items or maybe giving up the hobby for whatever reason as well as from other sources as appropriate.

The stock includes the vast majority of 3mm products produced by Tri-ang in varying condition, and therefore price, from well used to mint boxed. Items are not always available in all conditions at all times and of course there are a few rare items that only occasionally, if ever, become available.

In addition it should be noted that over half the stock is non Tri-ang having come from a whole range of suppliers who have produced 3mm over the years. These include kit built locomotives, using Tri-ang or scratch built chassis, as well as unmade cast and etched kits. Scratch built coaches as well as Kitmaster and etched coach kits are available as well as Peco Wagons and plastic and cast metal wagon and chassis kits. In addition to rolling stock there are track and scenic items and for those members who model continental we do have a stock of Berliner Bahnen TT.

Second-hand stock is available for purchase by mail/Email and is also taken to at least three Society meetings each year where it is on display for purchase by visiting members.

A Second-hand information sheet is provided to members.

Spares Service

The Society offers a spares service which has almost all Tri-ang TT spares in stock to help members maintain their Tri-ang models in full working order. These spares maybe original Tri-ang, remade or recycled items and are available to order by mail/Email. In support of the spares service a number of Tri-ang service sheets are available and a Spares Information sheet is provided to members which includes a comprehensive list of Tri-ang spares.

Some Kitmaster and Peco spares are also stocked.