Product News

18 March 2022 - Pacific Models

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for adding Pacific Models to the 3mm Suppliers lists as they can produce their range of station nameboards, BR number and shed plates, carriage destination boards, DMU destination blinds and Diesel headcodes in 3mm scale.

1 February 2022 - Figures and vehicles for 3mm scale

Following on from a discussion on our Virtual Area Group, Philip Smith has suggested investigating various 15mm war game ranges which should be right for 3mm, such as About Us – The Plastic Soldier Company , as well as the 1/100 models from the likes of Zvezda. Philip adds that he did notice an Austin 10 staff car and an Austin Tilly (tilt) both at about $10 - $11 (they came up on a "Vehicles - 15mm" search on Shapeways 3D Printing Marketplace .

10 January 2022 - 247 Developments

247 Developments have added a further 20 nameplates to their range of 3mm nameplates, for a list contact Brian at

13 May 2021 - 3mm Scale locomotives press release

The cost of developing fully ready to run locos is prohibitive for the relatively small numbers who model in 3mm scale but, with some ingenuity, ‘nearly RTR’ can be achieved at very much lower cost. 3D print wizard Lenny Seeney’s ‘Lincoln Locos’ in collaboration with Geoff Helliwell’s ‘Oak Tree Engineering’ enterprise has now produced a Class 03 shunter and there are several more locos in the pipeline such as a Hymec and a Class 08 from Lenny as well as a D2511 Hudswell shunter and a couple of steam outline Hudswells from Hardy’s Hobbies. These models utilise a high quality 3D printed body on a batch produced mechanism. Although the mechanisms are only available to 3mm Society members, the bodies are available on the open market and this project highlights just how many loco types are now available in 3mm scale.

A visit to the Lincoln Locos website will surprise even those who think they know what is available in 3mm scale. The 03 is just one of an extraordinary range of 3mm scale loco bodies that are available from Lincoln Locos. It is a very high quality print with some amazingly fine detail; even the hand-rails along the top of the bonnet are included.

Hardy’s Hobbies are well known amongst 4mm scale industrial railway modellers but Andrew Hardy has been keen to assist modellers by reducing a number of his designs to 3mm. Not just those listed above but various others as well.

Lincoln Locos 3mm scale prints are available on-line at Lincoln Locos

Hardy’s Hobbies can be found at: Hardy's Hobbies

13 January 2021

Barry has added KS Laser Designs | Laser cut Model Railway Kits to 3mm Suppliers.

10 December 2020

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for another update to 3mm Suppliers. Barry writes: "I have added Small Loco Works to 3mm Suppliers. He sells, via Shapeways, 3D printed loco bodies, currently LBSCR E1, D1, Terrier, LCDR Europa loco and tender and a van body.

Also - Dexter's Cove Models have added 3mm options to buy via their website.

Both are worth a look."

1 December 2020 - Dexter's Cove Models

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for adding the above supplier to 3mm Suppliers. They sell laser cut building kits (mainly signal boxes) , windows and doors, chimney pots, 3D printed people, horses, motorbikes and scooters. Prices are approximately 15% lower than the 4mm products items shown on the website. 3mm products are not orderable on the website. Contact Andy Ross on 01642-043164 or 0759-9892213 to discuss. I understand that if he gets sufficient interest 3mm order options will be added to the website.

"Chicken and egg" scenario!

20 November 2020 - Suppliers Update

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for continuing updates to the 3mm Suppliers lists at Tools & Suppliers including 247 Developments, Hardy's Hobbies, ElectraRail and two new tractors from 3SMR.

14 April 2020 - Electra 3mm

11 April 2020 - ElectraRail

Adam Warr has been canvassing support for 3mm products on our eGroup. He writes:

"This is definitely something I will be proceeding with. The feedback has been very positive, with requests mainly for Mark 1 and 2 coaches, along with “Heritage” DMU types. I am open to suggestions and anything I produce in N or OO, should be easily rescaled.

In addition, I have spoken with Bob Davis at N-Train, who produces 3D printed kits and accessories to produce some of his DMU and EMU ends in 3mm. These will be available via his Shapeways shop, here:

I have suggested ends for the Swindon Inter-City Class 123, Trans-Pennine 124, Mark 1 coach and Mark -based Southern DEMUs and EMUs."

23 February 2020 - Suppliers Update

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for updates to the 3mm Suppliers lists at Tools & Suppliers including the new "light yard crane" from N Brass Locos and Lenny Applegreen's range of resin loco bodies.

10 December 2019 - Suppliers

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for his latest updates to the 3mm Suppliers lists here:

11 September 2019 - Markits Wheels

Markits have advised one of our members that “apart from our standard 0.100” wide wheels on TT 2mm axles, we have just introduced a new range of ‘88’ Profile, 8mm Plain, 8mm 6-Hole, 9mm Plain, 9mm 3-Hole, 10.5mm 4-Hole and 10.5mm 4-Hole Contoured Coach Wheel ... all on 1.5mm Axles. These are aimed at TT."

26 August 2019 - NER T2 LNER/BR Q6 0-8-0

George has been asked by several members to do a kit for an 0-8-0 NER T2/LNER/BR Q6 0-8-0. Cost will depend upon numbers but will be approx £60. Contact: George Mitcheson, 2 Moor End Villas, Newbiggin by the sea, Northumberland. NE64 6DL. Email:

12 April 2019 - Sankey Scenics

Allan Stephenson writes: I have has just released a range of stock items for 3mm scale modellers. I hope that this will prove useful. For a number of years now I have provided 3mm modellers with items on an ad hoc basis but have now decided to have the most popular readily available. These can be viewed on the website or by using this link:

9 January 2019 - Catalogue

Updates to All 3mm Products from Tony Parkin.

6 January 2019 - Catalogue

Lots of updates here thanks to Tony Parkin.

21 November 2018 - Bringing Finney Kits to members

Our Secretary experienced the delights of packing kits yesterday in between acting as official photographer. See his blog at:

6 August 2018 - Baseboards

Laser cut MDF supplied as flat packs for your assembly from Norfolk Heath Works

6 August 2018 - Smart Models

Smart Models have added diesel drivers to their range in a set of 5 figures for £4.00.

22 July 2018 - Beyond Triang

Garry Hall has produced the following etches to extend the Triang range.See more at Beyond Triang and eBay.

Garry writes:

"With all these etches extra ones could be ordered but the buyer would have to buy all the ones per etch as I will not be stocking any spare ones once gone.

9F - This chassis is to fit the Tri-ang Britannia body to give an interpretation of what Tri-ang may have manufactured. It is made in 0.4mm nickel silver with double thickness sides to give strength and is of slot/tab style soldered construction. Coupling rods are of double thickness too. Designed to take a Tri-ang XT60 motor and Jinty wheels. The valve gear is basically as Tri-ang but with a couple of extra pieces. It is not intended to be a scale version. There are only two available at £27.50 each.

2P 4-4-0 - This was designed for the old BEC 2P whitemetal kit. It is of 0.4mm nickel silver and has a double thickness for the frame sides. It is of slot/tab soldered construction. The coupling rods and a few other parts are also of double thickness construction. The choice of motor gears etc is up to the individual. There is an etched gearbox included to suit a Mashima but maybe it could be altered for other makes? The bogie and tender etch is of fold up and solder construction with slots for wheels to be dropped in and a small fold over tab to hold them in place. There are 4 available at £18.50 each.

N7 loco body - This is designed to fit the Tri-ang Jinty chassis and is made of Brass. There are no fittings/castings, I used the Chimney and dome from the scrap Jinty body. There are 3 available at £27.50 each.

18 July 2018 - Society 4F kit - see entry for 23 August 2017

Thanks to Barry Witteridge for this picture of his completed Society 4F kit.

10 July 2018 - Smart Models

Smart Models are producing 3mm Chimney pots. A packet of 6 costs £3 plus P&P

1 March 2018 - Shop at Amble Junction

George Mitcheson has opened a 3D Print shop at Shapeways. Latest prints are 8 ton and 10 ton 'cupboard door' coal wagons and a GNR Dia. 360 Carriage truck. Click the link above to see more.

23 February 2018 - Sparkshot Custom Creations

This from Gavin Rose:

"Hello, I wondered if you would be interested in showing the new Sparkshot Custom Creatons 3mm LB&SCR Extended Tank E2 kit in your publications and website.

Originally created in 4mm (several types) but the extended tank version has since been re-scaled to British N, 3mm & 7mm by popular demand. There is a link below.

3mm - LB&SCR E2 - EXTENDED TANKS - Body by Sparkshot on Shapeways

Check out 3mm - LB&SCR E2 - EXTENDED TANKS - Body by Sparkshot on Shapeways and discover more 3D printed products in Trains.

The kits are super easy to build, just a large super structure already made. The only thing the modeler needs to do other than the usual smoothing and painting is fit the roof, smokebox door and handrails etc and sort the chassis out although if there is genuine demand I can make fixed 3D printed chassis in 3mm.

Based on an email request and agreement a specific combination of the Furness E1 / Cambrian Small Passenger Class & Tender has also been re-scaled and optimized for clearance for 14.2mm gauge.

Other versions and combinations in the full range seen in the 4 & 7mm versions of the same can be re-scaled to 3mm if there is enough genuine demand to justify the extra work. I'm happy to do so.

3mm - Cambrian SPC (14.2 Gauge Only) by Sparkshot on Shapeways

Check out 3mm - Cambrian SPC (14.2 Gauge Only) by Sparkshot on Shapeways and discover more 3D printed products in Trains.

3mm - Cambrian SPC - Tender by Sparkshot on Shapeways

Check out 3mm - Cambrian SPC - Tender by Sparkshot on Shapeways and discover more 3D printed products in Trains.

A few units have already been sold by the initials who contacted me to do the re-scales. As above if there is any SCC loco kit that is wanted also in 3mm I will be happy re-scaling them providing serious intent."

14 January 2018 - 3D Printing from John Walker

John Walker's latest 3D printing can be found here.

26 November 2017 - N-Drive Productions

Neville Kent writes:

"I have a small enterprise called N-Drive Productions which produces a few loco kits and a range of chassis's for 9mm gauge. These were powered by the Mashima MHK 1015 motor which is now discontinued. To allow me to continue to make my chassis I have managed to find a company that can manufacture a motor of the same dimensions with a similar low speed performance and torque."

See N-Drive 1015 motor for more information.

23 August 2017 ****** NEW RELEASE ****** now with photo

The long awaited LMS 4F kit is now available from the 3mm Society shop.

This multi-media kit has been produced thanks to the generous bequest by the late Eric Bruton. The loco and tender bodies are resin with etched chassis and the kit comes supplied with white-metal castings,12mm gauge SQ wheels, open-frame motor and High Level gearbox and only requires handrail knobs, wire for handrails, paint and transfers (and some of your time) to complete.

The photo is of the pre-production test build courtesy of Tony Briddon, enhanced by Nigel Brown.

Kit price £117.50

18 May 2017 - New Release for the AGM

A tempter for those able to, but not quite decided about attending Market Harborough.

PP072 GWR N13 Horsebox will be released at the AGM at £14.50.

The prototype was introduced in 1922 and lasted until the 1950’s and possibly some into the 60’s. A little kit bashing can give you Diagrams N12 to N15, just to ring the (admittedly slight) changes.

The photos below are Paul Furner’s.

15 May 2017 - KWTrams

Mervyn adds to his previous note of 3 May: "Paul Coles of KW trams joined the South Downs and Solent Group meeting last Saturday. He displayed several new bogies for 12mm gauge and also a six wheel centre drive for a class 37 one of the group is building to 14.2 gauge. There is a small price increase for the six wheel costs £22 !"

3 May 2017 - KWTrams

Mervyn Turvey writes: “Paul Coles of KWtrams can supply motor bogies for 3mm scale 12 mm gauge stock at the remarkably low price of £20. He is able to produce them for various wheel centres. They have single gears and will propel a DMU/EMU. Double ended geared motors increase the price by £5. Tender drives are available also. For more details take a look at Paul is developing these items in association with the South Downs and Solent Group of the Society. He lives in Fareham where the group uses the club room of the Fareham and District Model Railway Club. Pictures of the product hopefully will be in Mixed Traffic.”

2 February 2017 - Andrew Thomas' Etched Chassis

Andrew Thomas' etched chassis are listed in the Price List. Thanks to Andrew for providing this list of which products suit which chassis.

23 January 2017 - Ex Finney & Smith kits

The etched brass kits, reduced from Connoisseur Models kits (Jim McGeown) and previously marketed by Finney & Smith, are now available from the Society shop. See the list here.

25 August 2016 - Corridor connections in 3mm

Thanks to Vic Freemantle for pursuing 3mm corridor connections from MB Model Railway Products

Vic says "they are good at closing the daylight gap between models and certainly neater than I could produce. I started on a ruling radius of 48” and moved to my tightest radius on some closure rails on the inside of curved turnouts which, according to Templot, are 30” in 3mm scale 14.2 gauge. They also work over simple crossovers."

20 June 2016

Our SQ wheel range is included with the Price List here.

23 May 2016 - Judith Edge Kits

Judith Edge kits are available from 3SMR as well as direct from Judith Edge Kits

19 May 2016 - Modern Image and Linton Kits

At the AGM Andrew Shillito was advertising the following kits.

BR Seahorse £5.75

BR Rudd £7.80

BR OTA Timber Wagon £8.20

BR HAA Hopper Wagon £8.50

BR MAA Box Wagon £8.00

In addition to the 3mm Modern Image kits I also do a range of 3mm etched kits. I am very interested in industrial and small locos so I tend to concentrate on these. Currently I list the following which I sell as Linton Kits, named after my industrial layout Linton Cement works that used to be on the exhibition circuit.


GW 9400 replacement footplate

Warship Grills

Class 24 Grills




Future kits include 2 different Sentinels, Barclay, Bagnal and Hawthorne Leslie 0-4-0ST's

Despite my comments about small locos I am currently developing kits for the LSWR S15 and H16

Modern Image Kits and Linton Kits are produced by:

Andrew Shillito

72 Station Road, Ditton ME20 6AY


Tel: 01622-719830

18 May 2016 - Oldbury Models LMS/BR (MR 1377) class 1F 0-6-0T

Following the demise of Finney & Smith this is now available from the 3mm Society.

18 May 2016 - Judith Edge Kits

Following the demise of Finney & Smith the following are available directly from Judith Edge Kits

Sentinel 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter can be built with coupling rods or with axle boxes and internal drive

No picture of this model is yet available

Clayton class 17

Ruston PW machine no.PWM650 built using Bruce Smethem wheels and motor and gearbox from Finney & Smith. The motor is their latest skew wound open frame motor.

All the above need motors, gears and wheels most of which can be supplied by Finney & Smith

17 May 2016 - Society Finescale Wheels

Supplies have just been received of the 12mm 10 spoke bogie/tender wheels suitable for many SR locomotives. All wheels in the finescale range are in stock and available at the prices shown below.

All driving wheels, except the “industrials”, are produced with a long shouldered crankpin for coupling and connecting rods or short shouldered for coupling rods only. Types required to be specified on ordering. A crankpin washer and nut are included. Extra washers and nuts can be supplied at £1 for a packet of 10.

Tyres are manufactured from nickel silver for all driving wheels and from steel for wagon, coach, bogie and tender wheels. The steel tyres are “blackened” before the wheels are moulded.

A Society member offers a service to punch square holes in these wheels to fit Society square ended axles.

Join the Society to find out more.

Finescale Wagon and Coach Wheels £4.50 per pair of axles

9.25mm 8 spoke

9.25mm 3-hole disc

10.5mm disc

10.5mm Mansell

Finescale Bogie and Tender Wheels £3.00 per axle

9mm 9 spoke

9.25mm 10 spoke

9.25mm 12 spoke

10mm 10 spoke

10.5mm 8 spoke

10.5mm 10 spoke

10.5mm 12 spoke

11mm 10 spoke

11mm disc

12mm 10 spoke

12mm 12 spoke

12mm disc

12.5mm 12 spoke

Finescale Driving Wheels £6.00 per axle

12mm 10 spoke

12mm 12 spoke

12mm 15 spoke

13.5mm 14 spoke

13.5mm 15 spoke

15mm 15 spoke

15mm 16 spoke

15.75mm 16 spoke

16.5mm 18 spoke

17mm 18 spoke

18mm 19 spoke

18mm 20 spoke

19mm 22 spoke (reduced crank throw)

20mm 20 spoke

20mm 21 spoke

20mm 22 spoke

9mm 10 spoke generic “industrial”

10.5mm 10 spoke generic “industrial”

The following new product announcements have been carried forward from our previous web site. Following the demise of Finney & Smith I am trying to find out the fate of the products listed below.

New Society Products

At last after about 10 years of requests we have finally managed to source 14.2 Flexible track. It will come as a sprue which has 2 strips of 6 sleepers each side and will allow the Society finescale rail to be threaded on. This will we hope satisfy the demand and we have now added loose chairs to enable points and indeed plain track to any gauge to be produced (chair sprue not shown).

This shows a section of track and a half of one of the Sprues

We have also introduced a 13.5mm version of the track. This is for members who have decided to model to a 13.5mm gauge. This has advantages especially when extra clearance is required for locos with outside valve gear. It is not illustrated as it is visually identical to the 14.2 track which is illustrated

The Society has introduced a further wagon funded by a bequest from John Fisher who was a much respected elder member of the Society and had a lifelong love of all things Great Western. As a memorial we will be producing 3 wagons in his honour. The second of these is a GW Felix Pole open wagon. This wagon is plastic made for us by Parkside using a standard Society underframe and can be fitted with either standard or finescale wheels.

GW MICA van produced with the last of the bequest from John Fisher. We hope that he would be proud. You will note that we do not as yet have the red GW transfers we are working on that.

The Society has introduced the first of what will be a range of standard wheels to suite the 12mm gauge modeller. The first one is 15mm it has 15 spokes with 2.75mm crankthrow, is to RP25/79 profile and is a pushfit onto a square ended axle to give a self quartering wheelset

The range has now been extended to include 12mm, 13.5mm 18mm and 19.5mm driving wheels and 9mm,10.5mm and 12mm Bogie and Tender wheels.

Transfers for the MICA

All of the above are only available through the Society shop to Society Members

Joining the 3mm Society

New Items from Worsley Works

Worsley Works have introduced a kit for the Class142 'Nodding Donkey' and the illustration shows the body etch.

Also available although not illustrated is a kit for the 6 car Blue Pullman

Worsley Works have introduced the first of what will be the complete range of Wantage Tramway Stock, These two unfinished models show two of the coaches, cute aren't they?

Worsley Works have introduced a kit for the Class142 'Nodding Donkey' and the illustration shows the body etch.

Also available although not illustrated is a kit for the 6 car Blue Pullman

New items from 3SMR

In a constant effort to upgrade earlier kits the following kits have been remastered and reissued including new and improved detailing.

LG57X GW 57XX with etched chassis designed to fit the Triang chassis.

LG57 as above but to fit the Brynkits chassis LC1205 (12mm) and LC1405 (14.2).

LG48X GW 48XX 0-4-2T

Resin Buildings and trackside items.

Southern concrete Si 10 and GWR brick platform edges Si 20 £8 set of 6 makes 2ft 5ins plus end ramps £3.20. Southern tool huts Si 14 £6.40 pair, ballast bins Si 13 £3.20 and platform stretcher cupboards Si 15 £1.60 pair.

Southern style electricity substation, this is a card kit comprising wall and roof template, brick walling, doors and windows, glazing bars, instructions and photos all for £6.00

There is a planned resin transformer casting to come.

Wizard Models

Wizard Models produce a number of 3mm items including DG couplings. They have now introduced GWR Wooden arm signal parts.