Join the 3mm Society

You can download the Membership Form and post it to the Membership Secretary, Mike Corp, or you can email Mike at Mike Corp

Fees are currently £20 Adult/Seniors in the UK, £12 for Student & Junior (under 21yrs) memberships, and £25 for overseas and europe (airmail) memberships.

Please note that our Membership Secretary and Sales Teams can accept payments using Paypal.

So as to be entirely clear we should explain that the Society year is April to March.  Anyone joining up to 31st December will be deemed to have joined for the full year and will receive a full years supply of magazines (including the issues they missed for that year).  Anyone joining from 1st January will be deemed to have membership from 1st Jan until 31st March the following year i.e. 15 months”.

General Data Protection Regulation

Our GDPR Policy can be viewed here: 3mm GDPR Policy