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For Sale

Three items. 
Please email for an initial chat, and we will see where we go.....

Item 1)
Fully sceniced layout. Has been exhibited at many exhibitions, complete with all buildings. 12mm gauge, fine scale, loco-shed layout, 12 foot x 2 foot. Fully sectioned, can accommodate at least 20+ locos. If all sections are switched on, can be used as DCC layout if needed. Lovely scratch-built buildings, 3 road through loco shed, about 18 inches by 6 inches, also coaling plant and minor buildings. Layout has working turntable. No offer too low, buyer collects, will fit into medium to largish car, sections are 4 foot long. Worth buying just for the buildings and recovery value. Location, at Peterborough MRC clubrooms near to A1(M) close to Peterborough.
Item 2)
Fully sceniced layout (2). Has been seen at many exhibitions, complete with all buildings and signals. Layout is 12 mm fine scale and 21 foot by 8 foot, with central operating well. Scenic front and sides, fiddle yard at rear. Layout consists of 2 double track main lines, one with colour-light signals, one with semaphore, all signals work. Designed mainly as an exhibition layout, and as such a 'tail-chaser', the big multi-track fiddle yard allowing for up to 9 trains on each of the 4 tracks makes operating interesting. No offer too low, buyer collects, will transport either in a van or two medium to large cars. Consists of 12 sections, mainly 4 foot long, that box together for transport, to simplify and protect during journeys. Location, as above.
Item 3)
I have downsized my house, and my new layout will be  much smaller than I planned. I therefore have some surplus LNER coaches for sale, Gresley and Thompson types. Some are in LNER teak finish, and some in BR liveries. ALL have been built for me by TONY SEAL, and you all know how well he builds coaches. If you have any interest in LNER coaching stock, you will want some of these lovely models. NOTE, they will not be cheap, but I doubt you will ever see such quality LNER models on the market place again, until I die.... lol.... Location, my home in Peterborough, I doubt you will want me to post these items to you.....  Meetings possible.