Sales & Wants

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Peco 10ft solebars and Peco anita-style couplings to suit. Will accept used and new items.

Contact Martin Olley on 01949-836753 or email:


Peco coach interiors TT or OO  - for corridor or open coaches – originals or photocopies. I have an OO brake sheet if anyone would like a copy.

Contact -

For Sale

I have downsized my house, and my new layout will be  much smaller than I planned. I therefore have some surplus LNER coaches for sale, Gresley and Thompson types. Some are in LNER teak finish, and some in BR liveries. ALL have been built for me by TONY SEAL, and you all know how well he builds coaches. If you have any interest in LNER coaching stock, you will want some of these lovely models. NOTE, they will not be cheap, but I doubt you will ever see such quality LNER models on the market place again, until I die.... lol.... Location, my home in Peterborough, I doubt you will want me to post these items to you.....  Meetings possible.

Please email for an initial chat, and we will see where we go.....