Flickr are introducing restrictions on the number of photos stored in free accounts so some albums are being moved to Google Photos. Please email if you have difficulty accessing these albums or if you find any broken links.

We are in the process of reorganising and updating the gallery as follows:

At Allen Doherty's 50th Anniversary 3mm exhibition in Kidderminster with Stephen Driscoll (our Secretary)

At the AGM

View Simon Littleworth's 3mm album in a new window

Wessex Open Meetings with Geoff Helliwell

Much of the material above includes links to Flickr or Google Photos albums. Most of the older material still resides on our previous web site.

The albums have been created by the web master and time prevents the creation of a description for each picture. However you can add a description as a comment. If you click on the pictures in the albums you will get an enlarged view. Scroll down and you may find a description followed by comments. 

The pages below refer back to our previous web site. This material is under review and will be moved into the pages above.


Bob Barnes' pictures

Society Plastic Wagon Kits

Society Plastic Wagon Kits - a further selection

Howard Love's Buildings

Howard Love's Buildings - a further selection

More pictures from John Sutton

Random pictures

John Sutton's Chapel Lane