Student Quotes on REACH

Rachel Benoit, Class of 2018, Graphic Design

Marketing Director, AutoTec LLC, Birmingham AL

Personally being able to present my time at on the Hill really allowed me to process all of the lessons I've learned over the past four years and see it come to life in one presentation. It also made me realize that I really am ready to go out into the world and set it on fire, like everyone has told me since the day I started.

Theresa Bertini, Class of 2018, Elementary Education

Admissions Recruiter, Spring Hill College (Applying for Graduate School for 2019-20 Academic Year)

My REACH presentation was a little different because mine wasn't a traditional paper or project. It was a Prezi during the Education Pinning Ceremony about my internship with teaching. It was the moment that I realized I wasn't ready to be a teacher. I realized that I wanted to help children, but I wanted to start working with older students first.

Anna Clare Viso, Class of 2018, Health Sciences

Nurse Tech, Lake After Hours, Baton Rouge, LA (Applying to Physician Assistant programs in 2019)

I enjoyed the opportunity to present my REACH presentation to fellow Health Science majors because it helped me reflect on the variety of experiences I have had at SHC, which reminded me what has led me to pursue my current desire to work as part of a team of healthcare professionals. The REACH presentation and my involvement with the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience has greatly improved the confidence and leadership skills that I need on my journey to becoming a PA.

Paige Guillory, Class of 2017, Biology/Pre-Med

Med Student, MD/MPH, Louisiana State University School of Medicine

During my senior year and as part of the REACH experience, I was able to present my personalized ePortfolio to a few students and professors, some who shared my field of study and some who did not. I enjoyed the opportunity to summarize and reflect on my four years at Spring Hill and share those experiences confidently with others.