Student Quotes on REACH

Dylan Mire, Class of 2019, Biology/Pre-Med

Dental Student, Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

REACH to me was a great way to really reflect on my time at Spring Hill and inflect upon how my experiences both within and outside of Spring Hill helped shape my vocational journey. I enjoyed hearing from my peers to see what their successes have been and how they too have been shaped by their various experiences inside and outside the classroom. REACH helped to confirm and affirm my decision to attend dental school because it forced me to truly evaluate who I am, what my skills and talents are, and how I can best use what I’ve learned at Spring Hill and my God given gifts to best serve humanity in my life after college.

Brigit Reynolds, Class of 2019, International Studies

Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Anchorage, Alaska

For my REACH presentation, I made a short video where I reflected on my time at Spring Hill. I thought this would be a simple task, but how do you fit a lifetime of memories and lessons into a short video? Luckily, REACH provided the chance for me to think through the many highlights of my time on the Hill and take time to be grateful for them all. REACH also gave me the opportunity to show future badgers what makes Spring Hill special as the video will be used by the Political Science department for Badgerdays and other events.

Brennan Smith, Class of 2019, Biology/Pre-Med

Medical Scribe, Scribe Innovations, Mobile, AL (Applying to Medical School for 2020)

I enjoyed the REACH presentations because I was able to listen to what my fellow classmates’ plans were. Since I was in the biology/pre-med room, we all have similar goals, but each of us are pursing them in very different ways. It was nice to see the different places in timelines people were in and how they reached this point. I enjoyed being given the chance to sit down and reflect on how Spring Hill has helped me reach my goals and how my goals have changed and solidified over the years. During school you’re always just thinking of how to get to where you want to go, but you don’t really think about why. REACH allowed me to really understand why I want to pursue medicine and helped me see how much I have accomplished over the past four years.

Rachel Benoit, Class of 2018, Graphic Design

Marketing Director, AutoTec LLC, Birmingham AL

Personally being able to present my time at on the Hill really allowed me to process all of the lessons I've learned over the past four years and see it come to life in one presentation. It also made me realize that I really am ready to go out into the world and set it on fire, like everyone has told me since the day I started.

Theresa Bertini, Class of 2018, Elementary Education

Admissions Recruiter, Spring Hill College (Applying for Graduate School for 2019-20 Academic Year)

My REACH presentation was a little different because mine wasn't a traditional paper or project. It was a Prezi during the Education Pinning Ceremony about my internship with teaching. It was the moment that I realized I wasn't ready to be a teacher. I realized that I wanted to help children, but I wanted to start working with older students first.