Student Quotes on REACH

DeShala Hunt, 2017, Psychology

Graduate Student, Master of Social Work, University of Alabama

REACH gave me the opportunity to express the hidden details of my life to students, teachers, and faculty. Reflecting on important life experiences I had at Spring Hill College made me appreciate every tear that led to the triumphant victory of graduation.

Paige Guillory, 2017, Biology/Pre-Med

Med Student, MD/MPH, Louisiana State University School of Medicine

During my senior year and as part of the REACH experience, I was able to present my personalized ePortfolio to a few students and professors, some who shared my field of study and some who did not. I enjoyed the opportunity to summarize and reflect on my four years at Spring Hill and share those experiences confidently with others.

Natalie Abraham, 2017, Psychology

Behavior Analysis Technician, Butterfly Effects

REACH gave me the opportunity to reflect on my growth at Spring Hill and define my vocational goals.

Mary Helen Armbruster, 2017, Psychology

Preschool Teacher Aide while taking courses to become a Child Life Specialist

For me, REACH was the perfect way to reflect upon my personal skills acquired during my time at Spring Hill that will aid me in my pursuit to become a Certified Child Life Specialist. I will forever attribute the REACH presentations, and the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience as a whole, for giving me the confidence to present in front of my peers and administrators.