Learning, Engagement, Awareness & Personal Growth

LEAP is a first-year experience that is high impact, current and engaging, developed and presented in a way that connects all the areas of the college, and introduces the areas of our promise statement--learning, faith, justice and service for life.

I liked how the LEAP lab got us in touch with an upperclassman who had experience trying to get through classes here at the college. Advice was most valuable to me.

2016 Participant

It connected me with more students similar to myself and helped me meet some upperclassmen who I know I can turn to if I need help with anything. I also learned helpful information about having a successful and fun college life.

2015 Participant

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will reflect upon their personal growth throughout their first semester at Spring Hill College.
  • Students will practice engaging in learning strategies, including active learning and reading-in-the-content-area skills, which enhance their likelihood of academic success.
  • Students will explore fundamental questions of vocation

What topics are covered in the LEA 101 LEAP lab?

  • Active Learning and Metacognition
  • Vocational Discernment
  • Mission and Identity of Jesuit Institutions
  • Critical Reading
  • Navigating SHC Technology Platforms
  • Self-Assessment

Explore the LEAP Lab Syllabus Template to get a sense of the common learning outcomes, goals, expectations, and topics that are presented and explored in all LEAP lab courses.

LEAP Response Prompts

Students participating in LEAP are expected to complete four reflective response essays and post them under the Reflections tab within the LEAP link of their SHC Undergraduate ePortfolios:

  1. LEAP Prompt and Rubric: Students respond to three unique prompts that capture their understanding of identity; the reflective essays are rated by instructors using the rubric provided.
  2. To consider vocational discernment as part of our Pathways to Purpose program, students will also respond to the prompt listed below:

LEAP and Pathways to Purpose: A friend of yours is struggling to fit in at Spring Hill and looking for advice. What experiences could you share with your friend about what challenges you personally and what you did to find your way on campus? What questions do you think they should consider? How could you help them approach their struggle to build a home at SHC?