What is the REACH presentation?

It is a 10-minute presentation of a student's time and story on the Hill, organized by faculty within the student's major, that allows the student to reflect upon and share growth and learning that has happened while a student at Spring Hill College.

How does it differ from a senior seminar presentation?

The REACH presentations differ from senior seminar and capstone presentations in that REACH presentations include a broad overview of learning and growth throughout a student's four years of the academic career in all aspects of curricular and co-curricular experiences.

Do all REACH presentations follow the same format?

No. Each program determines how and when the REACH presentation will occur. Some are informal conversations in small groups; some occur during traditional ceremonies; some are used to introduce senior seminars; some are paired with senior celebrations. Talk to your advisor within your major to learn about the program's approach to REACH.

Will I be expected to submit anything for REACH?

Yes! Written reflections or PowerPoint presentations slides with detailed notes regarding your reflections must be (a) downloaded into your ePortfolio; or (b) submitted electronically to

Will faculty within a student's program read and rate the REACH reflective prompt?

No. The response to the prompt will be rated as part of the Pathways to Purpose assessment by outside readers.

Do students with double majors complete two REACH presentations?

No. Unless required by both majors, students who are double majors only complete one REACH presentation, but they are encouraged to include learning, products, memories and vignettes from both major areas of study to illustrate their breadth of knowledge and invite faculty and mentors from both majors to hear their REACH presentations.

What is the first thing seniors should do to begin preparing for the senior REACH presentation?

Go into your SHC Undergraduate ePortfolio created back in LEAP during the first year and developed again in CLIMB and throughout your academic career. Review the products and reflections, both curricular and co-curricular, added to this repository of learning. Let your ePortfolio help to tell your vocational story.