How is CLIMB related to LEAP?

Although it does build from some of the topics and themes that were introduced to you in your freshman year, it is not organized or structured in the same way. You will have to challenge yourself to accept the CLIMB and get the most out of this experience by staying actively engaged in your own learning during your course or experience.

What am I required to do during CLIMB to successfully complete this core overlay requirement?

At the end of the semester, you will be posting responses to two CLIMB reflective essays in your Digication SHC Undergraduate ePortfolio--one based on your CLIMB experience and one that supports our Pathways to Purpose Program. Each instructor will determine deadlines for prompts to align with their instruction and facilitation; your instructor will tell you when your CLIMB essays are due so they have time to rate, based on the rubric in the link embedded above, and process grades. Be certain you understand what is due when for your particular CLIMB experience.

What if I've already taken a CLIMB course?

You will still need to complete any required CLIMB reflections, as they are part of your grade if taking a class. You should, of course, reflect on the specific CLIMB community-based experience that is linked with your course and how it has changed you this semester. Like other core overlays (i.e., writing, diversity, oral communication), you may find yourself completing multiple overlay requirements prior to graduation.

What if I don't remember how to access or work on my ePortfolio?

You can access Digication as follows: From your Gmail account, click on the square matrix in the upper right-hand corner; When the matrix opens to options, click on “More” at the bottom of the menu; Click on “Digication” at the bottom of the opened page.

Once you are in Digication, click on your SHC Undergraduate ePortfolio you first created in LEAP. Please place the responses to the prompts under the Reflections tab in the CLIMB page link you will see on the left. Feel free to add pictures or visuals with your written responses to bring the experience to life! (Recommendations: (a) You may need to create a new CLIMB page link; and (b) If you have the link already in your ePortfolio template, when you edit the page, simply delete all the instructions and paste in your responses.)

What if I'm a transfer student who never created an ePortfolio?

If you have questions about navigating Digication, feel free to contact Jenny Good ( to schedule a one-on-one Digication support session. Don't wait until the end of the CLIMB semester. And, remember, some of your best support can be found among your fellow classmates. Many of them have created amazing ePortfolios already!