LEAP Leader Alumni

Alumni Spotlight!

M.P. Hayes, 2016, was just awarded a prestigious 2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Grant.

M.P. currently is working on his doctoral degree in chemistry at LSU. He was one of 2000 graduate students from across the nation to receive the award from an applicant pool of 12,000. His research, which will create a synthetic soil, considers the negative effect of pesticides and their run-off that harm the environment. For details, read an overview of his research grant proposal.

M.P. noted that "one of the reviewers made a comment about my outreach in the LEAP mentoring program." SHC and LEAP are proud of his accomplishments.

Name, Class

First Destination



Brigit Reynolds, 2019

Refugee Economic Development Specialist

Anchorage, AL

Katy Rasp, 2019

Communications Coordinator

Mobile, AL

Dylan Mire, 2019

DDS Candidate

New Orleans, LA

Nick Meinhardt, 2018


Mobile, AL

Theresa Bertini, 2018

Admissions Counselor

Spring Hill College

Mobile, AL

Rachel Benoit, 2018


Birmingham, AL

Sierra Curtis , 2018

Teach for America Teacher and Graduate Student in Writing at Arizona State University

Phoenix, AZ

Andrew Pettus, 2017

Innovation Research Fellow

Washington, DC

Natalie Abraham, 2017

Graduate Student (MOT)

New Orleans, LA

Brian Schmitt, 2017

Executive Assistant and Program Coordinator

Washington, DC

John Michael Rogers, 2017

Office of Admissions Recruiter and MBA Candidate

Mobile, AL

Chrystal Norwood, 2016

Math Coordinator

Little Rock, AR

M.P. Hayes, 2016

Graduate Student (Ph.D.) and GTA

Baton Rouge, LA

Wesley Pietri, 2016

Consultant and Senior Data Analyst

Houston, TX

Will Floros, 2016

Wealth Advisor Associate

Saint Louis, MO

Lee Leavitt, 2016

Commercial Representative

Houston, TX

Theresa Carr, 2015


Saint Louis, MO

Communications Assistant/MFA and MA Candidate

Fairbanks, AK