What makes LEAP unique from other freshman seminar courses?

LEAP combines a 1-credit hour lab with a 3-credit hour core course. The lab and the course have the same instructor and student enrollment, allowing for the formation of a cohort of that connects instruction and support through a unifying theme.

Can I change LEAP lab sections?

No. Because the LEAP lab is directly aligned with a first-year content-area course in your schedule, you may not change your Monday LEA 101 lab section.

Who are the LEAP Leaders?

LEAP Leaders are upper-division students who facilitate the weekly 1-credit hour lab and provide peer mentoring advice and guidance to first-year students. Every lab is assigned a LEAP Leader. These upper division students are academic and campus community leaders who are selected through a rigorous application process.

When does LEAP begin?

LEAP labs begin the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings of Badger Connection week (see Badger Connection Schedule) before the first day of classes in fall semester, enabling students to meet a community of fellow students and one of their faculty members prior to instruction beginning. All first-year students are required to attend LEAP.

Are transfer students required to take LEAP?

No. Transfer students are placed in a transfer seminar that is taught by instructors in the Student Advising Services office.