Community Learning, Integrated, Mission-Based

CLIMB is a high-impact learning experience that exposes students to the wider community in a way that promotes their "becoming" and relies on the Jesuit model of Experience, Reflection, Action.

The CLIMB program impacted me greatly and positively at a personal and educational level. The CLIMB program is something that every student should definitely experience to learn and grow as a person.

2019 Participant

I really enjoyed my CLIMB course this semester. I was able to learn so much outside of the classroom. I really appreciate this opportunity.

2019 Participant

I saw the kids working when I left today. They are wonderful! We’re so excited to have this mural enhance the beauty of our students and the school, and we’re so proud to have your kids be the ones to do it! Their legacy will live on for a long time! I hope they know what important work they are doing for the ministry of Catholic schools.

2018 Principal from CLIMB Experience

CLIMB Learning Outcomes

  • reflect on challenges to social justice or living the Jesuit mission in the community setting and consider their role in upholding human dignity.

  • relate academic knowledge to the community setting.

  • provide evidence of their experience and what they have learned about themselves in relation to personal, intellectual, social, and professional awareness.

  • express relationship with people different from themselves.

Fall 2017 CLIMB student Zach Griffin in Dr. April Sanders's EDU 329 at Causey Middle School.

Fall 2017 CLIMB students in Dr. Debbie Fox's HSC 205 Health Science Shadowing Course

Fall 2017 CLIMB student Austin Thompson in Dr. April Sanders's EDU 329 at Causey Middle School.

CLIMB instructors Wanda Sullivan and Cathy Swender present at the 2017 Gulf South Summit on Service Learning and Civic Engagement

CLIMB Response Prompts and Rubric

Students participating in CLIMB are expected to complete two reflective response essays and post them under the Reflections tab within the CLIMB link of their SHC Undergraduate ePortfolios:

  1. CLIMB Prompt and Rubric: Students create a single reflective essay that speaks to their evolving understanding of CLIMB learning outcomes; the reflective essays are rated by instructors using the rubric provided.

  2. To consider vocational discernment as part of our Pathways to Purpose program, students will also respond to the prompt listed below:

CLIMB and Pathways to Purpose: After completing a service learning project in their chosen field, a friend of yours realizes they do not want to go into the career they thought they did. Your friend is feeling lost and confused about who they are and what their future holds. How do you approach helping them through this crossroads? Based on your own experiences, what questions do you think they should consider?

Interested in teaching or directing a CLIMB experience?

Core overlay applications are accepted one time each semester. Contact for the link to the overlay application form for the Core Development Committee.