CLIMB Approved Options

CLIMB Curricular and Co-curricular Options

A number of curricular and co-curricular experiences have been approved for meeting the CLIMB Overlay by the CUE Advisory Committee and the Core Curriculum Committee. These courses are marked by a C on the course schedule and student transcript,

To help students with planning and documentation of Core requirements, the approved options per semester are updated below:

Spring and Summer 2018




ACC 490C


After receiving eight hours of training and passing IRS certification tests, students prepare computerized tax returns for low-income families in the area at Bishop State Community College and West Regional Branch Library (minimum of ten hours). Students must provide transportation. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is emphasized.

ART 206/306:


Students paint murals on the outside of Most Pure Heart of Mary, a small Catholic elementary and middle school in downtown Mobile that is historically African American and listed on the African American Heritage Trail of Mobile. Students are required to spend at least ten hours during the semester after school on weekdays or Saturday mornings. Transportation is not provided but students carpool. There are jobs for all levels and skill sets. Students get to contribute to a lasting public memorial to civil rights and learn how murals go from the sketchbook to the wall.

BIO 304


Students are placed in a hospital, hospice or medical offices to observe first-hand different aspects of the medical profession. Students complete a minimum of 40 on-site hours. The student will complete five 8 hour shadowing experiences in 2-4 hour blocks.

BUS 220C


A requirement of the Business core, this course engages students in community outreach and connects the experience to business theory and sustainability.

CLI 201: Foley Center Service


The Foley Center places students at programs where they can serve others and learn about community needs at the same time. Service opportunities include tutoring at middle schools and elementary schools; teaching English as a second language; working with hospice, clinic, and hospital patients; and serving at community centers and the Boys and Girls Club. This CLIMB option provides flexibility in selecting areas of interest.



Students spend a week immersed in a new international culture working with faculty and staff to focus on a single project needed in the community.

ENG 240


Groups of students will be matched with children in local elementary schools to read children’s poems and to conduct creative writing activities during the school day. Each group will meet with their children once a week for an hour, most likely sometime between 12:15 and 2:30, with a variety of weekdays to choose from.

NUR 310


A requirement of the Nursing program, students participate in clinical experiences throughout Mobile and Mobile County. During the five-six week clinical experience, the students spend a substantial amount of time off campus in multiple community settings. When in the community, interactions with their clients (patients) entails two full days each week. Their experience encompasses patients of all ages, races and cultures.

Italy Study Abroad

Waller and/or Trusgnich

Offered through select courses only (SSC 295/395; CMM/ART 253), students work with citizens in the Italian community. See the Italy Center website for full syllabi templates for these courses.

Summer 2018

CLI 201: Jesuit Experience Trip (JET)


Like the International Service Immersion Program, students spend a week immersed in a new culture, working with staff to focus on a single project needed in the community. The JET exposes students to the work of Jesuit Social Ministries in the United States and specifically in South Dakota.

Pictured at left: Shannon Gleespen, SHC student in Wanda Sullivan's painting class, finishing a Space Jam mural painted with local teens at Rice Street Boy's and Girl's Club in Spring 2017

Fall 2017

  • BUS 220C: Business, Society, and Sustainability (Eads)
  • CLI 201: Foley Center Community Service (Goldschmidt)
  • PHL 220C: Philosophy of Human Nature (Massey)
  • EDU 329: Reading in the Content Area (Sanders)
  • EDU 345: Teaching Young Children (Silvernail)
  • EDU 378: Current Influences/Curriculum and Teaching (Silvernail)
  • ART 206/306: Painting I and II (Sullivan)
  • ENG 240 C: Introduction to Poetry (Swender)
  • Select Courses (SSC 295/395; CMM/ART 253) during Study Abroad in Italy (Waller and Trusgnich)