Reflection on Experience, Accomplishments, Career/Course Work, Horizons

When students draw near the completion of their academic careers at Spring Hill College, REACH is an opportunity to reflect upon and integrate their experiences inside and outside the classroom.

The 2018 Senior REACH for the Avenue Event

will be held on Thursday, September 20th at 12:00 p.m. in Byrne Hall.

Don't miss this first opportunity to meet as a senior class and

plan your final year on the Hill.

REACH Learning Outcomes

  • Students will evaluate how their undergraduate career and experiences impacted their future plans.
  • Students will predict how the knowledge gained through a major experience during their academic career at Spring Hill College will be used and applied in their future plans.
  • Students will synthesize their personal, spiritual, and professional career goals and demonstrate the connection of those goals to the Spring Hill College promise statement of learning, faith, justice and service for life.

REACH and Pathways to Purpose Reflection Prompt:

Tell Your Vocational Story!

Recall times during your four years on campus when someone noticed you and your gifts and how that realization affected you. Share moments and experiences that shaped your vocational decisions. Explain what you plan to do after you graduate, what you love about those choices, and why those plans are important to you. Explore how your story may evolve over your lifetime.

Biology students graduating in Spring 2018 socialize with faculty before their REACH presentations.