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Here you will find course information and resources, tips & tricks and a bunch of neat links to do some geeky procrastination (for anyone)!

As always, I am super excited to be teaching the courses I have this year. I truly look forward to meet my new students and of course to see past ones!

If there is anything on this site you wish to see added, modified or corrected, please do not hesitate to let me know (it's a work in progress and I have a bunch to do still!). I sincerely mean that, as I would love any feedback to make this site more useful and relevant for all. Please help me shape it to your ideas. Thanks! ~Mr. Hartley


B. Hartley B.Sc., PDPP

Teacher at Mount Douglas Secondary

e. bhartley@sd61.bc.ca

(e-mail is the best way to contact me)


Please do not hesitate to e-mail me, should simply wish to check in (or if your intuition suggests you should do so!). I welcome any communication that supports positive student achievement and learning.

I can always help! I am always happy to meet in person or chat over the phone.



Do not hesitate to drop in to see me for assistance or simply make an appointment! I got your back!

I am available to help students during flex block, sometimes at lunch and typically after school too!

GAFE: Google Classroom & District GAFE Support



I love space, exploration, astronomy and everything related. Love it! Check out the awesome agencies below by clicking the logo, especially our own Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).

I included a few neat projects too... such as Juno and the International Space Station.

Check out this awesome link of images NASA has made public!

Watch these awesome ESA videos: Russian Soyuz Capsule and Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained.

Juno mission to Jupiter

WATCH an awesome ISS Tour in HD click here.