Progress Reporting

We use an electronic portfolio system called Seesaw, to provide evidence of learning as it occurs. Seesaw is a platform that provides visual ways to communicate learning and inform you in a timely way what outcomes we are focusing on, and how you can be involved in your child’s progress and mastery levels. Learners have the ability to be a part of monitoring their learning targets and goals and upload evidence of work that demonstrates where they are in their learning.

The portfolio allows learners to post videos, photographs, writing samples, and much more to represent their learning. This interactive digital portfolio empowers the learner to be an integral part of the process and their own personal progress. It increases opportunities for each learner to speak to their families and teachers about their learning and clearly understand and articulate their learning goals.

Our professional learning community of teachers work together to be knowledgeable with multi-grade level standards. Together they create pacing guides and benchmarks for learning that allows them to closely monitor progress and mastery of standards.

The instructional staff, intentionally plan for what needs to be mastered at each appropriate level, making sure that they assess what is taught, inform the learner and each of the staff on the performance of where each child is in the learning process.

Reporting evidence on student learning as it is occurring allows parents to be a part of seeing and interacting with their children’s progress. It is a natural way of allowing the time children need to construct knowledge and mastery. Typical report cards generally inform you whether children have passed or failed at the end of the grading period, where a visual portfolio provides representations of learning weekly to support success. Parents can post questions, compliments, and even suggestions toward the personal goals. This allows students, teachers, and parents to be a part of the learning goals being focused on for mastery within each of the nine-week periods instead of at the end of each nine weeks.

We want to provide a more comprehensive picture in shorter intervals of what your child is working on and how they are doing. It will better align with our project-based approach and real life application. Children will be able to articulate what standards or big ideas they are focusing on mastering. They will know where they are in the process and most importantly be able to demonstrate their levels of mastery to you.

We value your participation in this progress reporting and hope that it will make it more focused and clear on what to support at home as well. Remember, grade level standards are YEAR long. We trust our practices, and more importantly, trust that children will succeed. We hold ourselves accountable to remain informed of what they need individually to be successful.

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