Our Mission, Ideas We Live By, and Vision

Our Mission

SCOPE Academy's mission is to inspire our learners to boldly and creatively shape their future, together let's uncover, recover, and discover the brilliance in all of us.

Ideas We Live By


Learners are the center of a dynamic and collaborative

learning, inquiry and discovery process.

Active Inquiry

Intellectual curiosity through STEAM embedded, project-based learning

propels learners to explore multiple paths

to creative solutions.

Bold Thinkers

A deep love of learning and respect for our community

forms bold, critical thinkers for life.

21st Century Communicators

Value the participation of community partners

while learning is occurring and knowledge is building.


To prepare the next generation of problem solvers and risk takers for our complex world.

Elaborating on our LAB21 Ideas


Personalized Learning will raise student achievement because:

  • Each student has defined, clear and rigorous learning expectation

  • Students are working in their instructional level (Zone of Proximal Development)

  • Students are more engaged because they experience challenge and success

  • Students are valued as individuals therefore they work harder and reach higher

  • Opportunities to explore interests and develop talents.

Active Inquiry

  • Learners engage in overarching STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) projects developing driving research and essential questions.

  • Advantages:

    • Projects meet the needs of different types of learners

    • All content learning is connected

    • A deeper understanding of content is developed by the learner

    • Emphasizing depth over breadth

    • Integrating and contextualizing the development of skills and domain knowledge

Bold Thinkers

Bold thinkers show a deep love of learning and respect for our community.

  • Students will engage in learning that is meaningful and relevant

  • Service learning goals are clear and aligned with curriculum

  • Learning is experiential and applied; deepening understanding

  • Students are active partners in identifying community needs and planning

21st Century Communicators

  • Education must prepare our students for the future (their world) through 21st Century Implementation/Opportunities

  • Education pedagogy and Efficacy will make shifts to create opportunities for students to apply the following skills:

    • Core subjects – reading, writing, math·

    • Creativity – Critical Thinking – Problem Solving – Communication – Collaboration

    • Information, media and technology literacy

    • Civic responsibility and global awareness

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