Why Choose SCOPE?

Our mission is to inspire learners to boldly and creatively shape their future, together let's uncover, recover, and discover the brilliance in all of us!


  • An award of $145,000 for 2016-2017 was announced on Feb. 15. GAR President Christine Mayer states, “We are greatly enthusiastic about the outcomes SCOPE produces with its students. We are eager for them to share their remarkable teaching techinques and best practices throughout Summit County.”

  • In 2013, Greater Summit County Early Learning Center was awarded Ohio’s Charter School of the Year by Ohio Superintendent Dick Ross based on our Performance Index.

  • In 2013, the GAR Foundation selected Greater Summit County Early Learning Center (SCOPE Primary) over the next three years as their largest grant recipient of $435,000.


  • We have mentored over 190 University pre-service teachers from the University of Akron, Kent State, and Ashland University over the last five years.

  • More than 1400 educators from across Ohio from preschools to universities have visited our site and observed and participated in our best practices.

About Our School

SCOPE Academy (a.k.a. the Greater Summit County Early Learning Center) is a stand-alone, public conversion/charter public school, independent and tuition-free. Our team of instructional leaders expect to be held accountable for advancing student achievement, building an environment that embraces the ideas of children, and cultivates thinkers who will find solutions and change the world.

We are bound by the same legal requirements of any traditional public schools in Ohio; including the New Learning Standards, State Testing, Governing Board Regulations, and Code of Regulations. What makes us different is the way that we deliver educational learning formats and opportunities to our students.

Our environment is set up for children to wonder, to promote developing research questions that they can pursue, and to be very hands on in their learning. Our project based approach is where learners work over an extended time period for a purpose beyond satisfying a school requirement. Our purpose is to encourage learners, to build something, to create something, to respond to a question they have, to solve a real problem, or to address a real need. Giving students a voice and a choice is always at the forefront of learning.


Please call to request an Enrollment Application Packet for Kindergarten through Fourth Grade.

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